Amal Clooney, née Alamuddin, didn’t leave anything to chance.  Everything about the British-Lebanese human rights barrister’s wedding to the Hollywood mega star George Clooney was as meticulously planned as one of her court cases; including her hair.  

Beautiful as she is, she has a narrow, oval face, with a strong nose.  So it’s no surprise the new Mrs. Clooney habitually wears her illustrious, long locks down, shaped with layers around her face with a soft side bang.  This is her most flattering hairstyle; it softens her features and creates fullness to her willowy silhouette.  

For her wedding, in her traditional French lace gown by Oscar de la Renta, Amal resisted temptation to try something new and stuck to what she knows works best.
While no other bride will marry George Clooney, you will hopefully be marrying the man of your dreams and—albeit with a few less cameras to capture your magical moments—you too want to choose the most perfect hairstyle for your face, dress and overall look.

“There are a lot of considerations that go into creating the perfect look for each bride,” says Earl Joyner, owner and head stylist at Studio E in Metairie. “The overall tone and style of the wedding, the dress, the jewelry and what kind of headpiece the bride is wearing. These are all-important factors in the decision. A large veil with voluminous hair and you won’t see the bride.  Ringlets can cast shadows in photographs and don’t forget people will see you from behind during the service, so you need a style that looks pretty from every angle.”

Accepting all the variables, there are however, some unwritten rules to help guide you:

Oval Faces: Soften your look with a long, bouncy hair or waves. Long, side bangs or a soft side pony will balance your features. Oval faces benefit from volume and width. Think Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna.  

Caution: Short haircuts can look too severe and too much volume on top will create an even longer profile.


Round Faces: A long or shoulder length layered style will elongate and create structure around your cheeks and chin. An up do with pieces hanging down will have the same effect. A braid or strong side or middle parting will also add contour to your face. Think Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst.

Caution: Blunt cuts and single length styles will not offer any flattering movement.


Heart-Shaped Faces: Most styles suit you. Long bangs, with an up do or a soft-layered look around your face will draw attention to your eyes and counter balance your chin. A sleek pulled back bun or pony will create sophistication. Think Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston.

Caution: Too much volume on the top of your hairline will over accentuate the narrowness of your chin and jawline.


Square Faces: Strong, wider features benefit from long, soft and layered looks that break up the natural angles of your face. A full up or half up do will also create length. A messy low chignon will add softness. Think Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore.

Caution: Sharp-edged bobs and straight lines will over emphasize the angles of your face and too much volume will create width.
It isn’t just your face however, which will determine your most flattering look for your wedding day.

“A good hairdresser can create any look you like for one day, but most brides want to look their best selves, so I take into account the color and texture of their hair to create their most naturally beautiful style,” says Alan Tosler, owner and creative director of New York Salon, Tosler Davis. “Their hair will look amazing on the day, the day after and into the honeymoon.”

Prime Products:
Dry Oils – they absorb instantly into the hair cuticle and lock in shine giving you lustrous locks without the oiliness
Hair Scent – spritz a few drops into your hair at the last minute for a light, sensual scent that won’t compete with your fragrance and will tame flyaways
Demi-Glosses – semi permanent, these add shine and color; consider one in rose gold or blonde for a lasting wedding glow.

Simple steps to wondrous wedding locks
Stop dyeing your hair – take a few months off before the big day for high shine and less breakage
Shop for organic, plant-based instead of alcohol-based products for less split ends and flyaways
Start using a natural bristle brush, the softer more flexible bristles will cause less damage
Consider taking a prenatal vitamin which has biotin, a type of vitamin B that increases hair and nail growth
Change your diet by giving up carbs and refined sugars and opt for oily fish, eggs and nuts
Cut out drinking and smoking and see the difference in your hair






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