Halloween Costume Hunt


When I was growing up, scoring a Halloween costume was not easy. It was either DIY with help from mom OR, in my house, tracking down the mysterious costume box. Befitting Halloween, the costume box was somewhere hidden in our super creepy attic. So, I’d give myself a pep talk and grab the old “attic opener” (an old broom stick with a hanger taped on the end) to wrestle down the attic stairs. I would side-step it up the steep, wobbly stairs and feel around for the light bulb on a string. Then, I’d tip toe passed the cobweb-covered “family heirloom” furniture and carry on to a life-or-death stakes’ leap over the cotton candy-like insulation (not edible or delicious). One false step on that pink stuff and it was a long way down. Assuming I made it to the box, I’d quickly grab a dusty old hand-me-down costume and get the hell out of there!

Today, in the era of one click purchases, idea blogs and well-designed attic spaces, we have everything we need right at our fingertips. Within minutes, we can go from costume idea pilfering on Pinterest, giving up and just buying one on Amazon, to sharing it all with the entire world on social media. Painting on whiskers and donning a black dress will no longer cut it! I lean towards lightly used or locally made items. No matter how you do it, I assure you the costume selection outside of your attic and around the city will delight you.


Here’s where I’m headed this Halloween season:

Kid Costume
Penn in Pink



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