When you do something better than just about anyone else, why not just keep on doing it? And just when you think you are overdoing the task, you simply add a few more happenings, as if to prove the original belief.

The veritable explosion of New Orleans’ festival calendar has continued unabated. It used to be that if someone had an idea for a new event, they would check the current calendar and see what dates were open. No more. There are no open dates on the calendar and every week we see an announcement about a new festival. Keep ‘em coming. For New Orleanians, the more the merrier.

Then along comes Halloween, a ready-made party celebrated by everyone. Celebrations outside New Orleans have nothing on a city tailor-made for a party about ghosts, haunted happenings, with the chops to back up the legends.  

The folks at Salon by Sucre, a pastry shop with full dining and bar services located in the French Quarter, join in the madness with a drink creation to accompany rows of delightful goodies. Not so much scary as sweet. In a New Orleans festival sort of way.


Devil’s Fire

2 oz. Rye whiskey
1 oz. Blood orange puree
1/2 oz. Honey syrup
1 slice of jalapeno
1 oz. Ginger beer
Muddle the jalapeno and puree together. Add the rye, and honey syrup. Shake. Pour through a strainer into a double old-fashioned glass over fresh ice and then top with ginger beer. Garnish with a candied orange/blood orange.