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Hardette Harris

Raised in Minden and now residing in Bossier City, private chef Hardette Harris grew up cooking alongside her parents, aunts and godmother. She then attended  culinary school for classic training. These days her business, Pure Louisiana Soul Food Tours and Tastings, allows her to develop tastings in the area to attract visitors to the Shreveport-Bossier area, giving guests (and locals) chances to sample her cooking along with other guest chefs in the area.

In June, Harris was the creator of North Louisiana’s “Official Meal,” after working with State Rep. Gene Reynolds of Minden on House Resolution No. 88, which was enrolled and signed, recognizing the culinary uniqueness of the northern part of the state. As outlined in the resolution, the official meal consists of such dishes as fried catfish, purple hull peas and hot water cornbread.

Despite her formal training, Harris considers herself a home cook. “I love casual cooking as it comes with a mixture of gourmet, comfort, family-style, soul food, family recipes and traditions,” she notes. “All of that translates into a warm, fuzzy feeling when it’s time for dinner.”

For more information about Pure Louisiana Soul Food Tours and Tastings, visit foodtourslouisiana.com.

Collard Greens

2 medium smoked ham hocks
4 medium smoked neck bones
2 ounces dry salt pork
6 bunches of greens fresh
1 yellow onion small rough chopped
4 garlic large cloves minced
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon seasoning salt
salt and pepper to taste

Pick and wash greens 3 times until clean and free of dirt. In a large pot, cover meats with water and boil all 3 meats until half done. Remove meats and set aside. Drain half the liquid and place greens, onion and garlic and seasonings in remaining liquid. Cook until almost done and add meats and spices.Cover and cook until greens are tender. Total cooking time will be almost an hour. Adjust seasonings


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