Having Good Scents

Choosing your perfect perfume.

A perfume says something about who you are and what vibe you want to give off. Changing a fragrance can make you feel different – flirty one moment to sophisticate the next. Particular fragrance oils work better with different types of skin, so it isn’t unusual to be drawn towards a certain classification of scents more than others.

Fragrance Wardrobe
Everyone is different – so of course there’s some debate on just what is a “Fragrance Wardrobe.” Some say, “Make a signature – stick to one,” others say you should have a fragrance from each category. For example, have a citrusy floral that’s fun to wear on casual warm days, and a sultry oriental for formals occasions or cooler weather. Personally, I say forget all of this and find what you like!

I actually wear two fragrances at the same time – something my mother did. One of my fragrances is a woody-amber with lavender and the other fragrance has sweetness from ivy, violet and musk. Forgive me for not disclosing what fragrances, but together they have created my very own signature scent! With perfume you’re only limited by your imagination!

Sweet Notes
Notes are the different stages of a perfume; top, middle, and bottom. Top notes are what you smell at first spray. Middle notes are the heart of a perfume; setting in about 15 minutes after application and lingering for several hours. Bottom notes are what appear during a fragrance’s dry down, occurring after perfume has been worn for several hours.

Fragrance Strength
Body products: crèmes, powders, aftershaves and soaps – usually have less than 3 percent fragrance and give off the lightest scent, but last a while because they’re absorbed into the skin.

Eau de cologne: Downgraded version with only 3 percent perfume diluted with water. It lingers for about two hours.

Eau de toilette: Quite light, alcohol or water-based with only 3 to 8 percent of perfume. Great for summer, when perfume can be overpowering in the heat. Will last two to three hours.

Eau de Parfum: Ten to 15 percent perfume compound. Slightly lighter than the core parfum, and not as pricey. It lasts for to five hours.

Parfum: Contains highest levels of perfume compound – 20 to 50 percent. Strong, long lasting and expensive, it lasts six hours or more.

Citrus: Fruity or citrus. Perfect perfumes for spring and summer because they aren’t too strong. They emit a lighthearted aura of having a fun-loving nature.

Floral: Soft, feminine and romantic. Evokes roses, gardenias, jasmine and lilies. Flowers are always in fashion, so most fragrances fall under this category.

Oriental: Has defining spicy notes such as patchouli, sandalwood and/or vanilla. Oriental notes are rich and sophisticated, giving an air of confidence and exoticism.

Woody: Think earthy, cedar, pine, lavender, moss and amber, with oriental and green touches; classical citrus more than floral. Many men’s fragrances fall in this category. Perfect for people who are down-to-earth and romantic.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the composition of a perfume, it will be fun to learn about the different types of perfume categories and which might suit your personality best!

A special thank you to Gene Luke and Steve Baker of Perfect Presentations Florals, 522-7442, for their infinite knowledge and help with the flowers used in our photo this month. I adore you both!

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