Haydel’s wants to know: What’s your flavorhood?

King cake lovers can vote for their favorite king cake flavor in celebration of Mardi Gras season

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – In celebration of the Carnival season, Haydel’s is asking King Cake fans (i.e. everyone!) to show their “Flavorhood” pride and cast their vote for their favorite flavor at www.flavorhoods.com. Enter your neighborhood and vote for your favorite flavor and watch live as New Orleans neighborhoods fill up with their favorite fillings. 

Does Central City champion cream cheese?
Does Jefferson Parish prefer praline pecan?
Is Uptown actually into Da Parish King Cake?
Is strawberry cream cheese the filling that fills those in the Treme with joy?

With almost 2,000 votes rolling in like the King’s Float of Bacchus down St. Charles Ave., Haydel’s iconic traditional king cake reigns supreme across the New Orleans Metro Area with 29 percent of votes. Haydel’s cream cheese king cake isn’t far behind with 26 percent of votes. 

Remaining votes vary with strawberry cream cheese, praline pecan and bavarian cream being other New Orleans favorites. Bavarian cream even came in as the top choice of Mid-City and Bayou St. John, while strawberry cream cheese is the favorite in New Orleans East.

The polls are still open – and coming in with a margin of error of less than 2.5 percent – a stat lower than election polls.

With each vote cast, a colorful map representing the prominent filling to create flavorhood in the New Orleans area. This flavorhoods election is a great reminder of all the flavors that King Cake lovers have adopted over the years and the sweet taste of Mardi Gras King Cake is hard not to crave this time of year.


For more information and to cast a vote for your Flavorhood, visit www.flavorhoods.com.



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