Head Turners

Platinum and diamond necklace featuring 35.65 total carats; 10.04 total carat platinum and princess cut diamond studs; platinum and diamond band ring in 10.28 total carats; platinum and fancy pear shape diamond ring (5.08 total carats). Adler’s, 523-5292, adlersjewelry.com.



Diamond and 18 karat yellow gold necklace by Kaufmann de Suisse; emerald and natural colored diamond earrings set in 18 karat yellow gold; Buccellati bracelet in 18k yellow textured gold with an emerald cut emerald and diamond accents; Art Deco three stone emerald cut emerald and diamond ring with black onyx accents, set in platinum and 18 karat yellow gold. HGM Fine Jewelry, 957-3409, hgmjewelry.com.



Sapphire and diamond necklace in 18 karat white gold, featuring 37.41 carats of sapphires and 6.40 carats of diamonds; 14 karat white gold sapphire and diamond hoop earrings with 17.50 carats of sapphires and 3.20 carats of diamonds; 18 karat white gold sapphire and diamond ring with 5.92 carats of sapphires and 6.0 carats of diamonds. Wellington & Co., 525-4855, wcjewelry.com.



Opal, diamond and 14 karat white gold dangling earrings totaling 7.84 carats in opal and 1.30 carats in diamonds; 14 karat white gold, opal and diamond necklace with 35.35 carats in opal and 6.35 carats in diamonds, Boudreaux’s Jewelers, 831-2602, boudreauxsjewelers.com.