Headlining Honeymoons, Part 2: A Boy Bander’s Delight



Our new honeymoon series “Headlining Honeymoons” began last week with a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona and a hotel whose celebrity guests included Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. This week, we’re “Bringing Sexy Back” with a peak into Borgo Egnazia – an Italian villa dream that hosted the wedding of boy band superstar Justin Timberlake and  his Hollywood starlet wife, Jessica Biel — that’s what we call star power. Get all the romantic details below and click here for a look at Part 1.



Borgo Egnazia
Fasano, Italy

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake wanted to give their wedding guests the gift of total escape. Their wedding at Borgo Egnazia did just that. Set in Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, on the Adriatic Coast, this transportive, destination, inspired by Puglia’s rich local tradition and architecture, spreads across acres with both villas, suites, and casette (small houses). Here, amid lemon trees, and ancient olive groves, the crystalline waters of the Adriatic gleam cobalt in the sun. Just inland, characteristic trulli houses, with their cone-shaped roofs, ensure sense of place. Burrow into a lesser known, further-flung Italy here with cooking classes, wine tastings, water sports and lazy beach days. Choose the opulent La Egnazia suite, a mecca for two with double walk-in shower, personal plunge pool and secret garden. borgoegnazia.com




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