As society returns to a more regular pace and busy schedules resume, one aspect of life that should be prioritized is one’s health and wellness. The pandemic disrupted a lot—including our healthy habits. Whether you worked on your health over the last year or saw a decline in your healthy habits, now’s a good time for a reset and a check-in with yourself and your doctor on new priorities. For both children and adults, having and regularly seeing a primary care physician is the first step in achieving wellness. Physicians can guide you to immunizations, tests, and health advice, offer a window into your body’s big picture and identifying issues that may need attention, whether anxiety, cholesterol, nagging knee pain, or an asymmetrical mole. As you “get back to normal,” make it a priority to get back to wellness, too. 

Well-Child Visits

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is devoted to its mission to improve the health and lives of Louisianians. This summer, plan to take your children for a checkup. That’s especially important if it’s been more than a year since their last trip to the doctor. 

Having a well-child visit at least once a year helps you make sure your children are reaching age-appropriate developmental milestones, so you can catch any issues early and treat them faster. Checkups also help your children stay up to date on screenings, tests and shots they should have. Children need routine immunizations at different ages, from infancy through college. And, children ages 12 and older should get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect against severe illness. If you have questions about the vaccine, a checkup is a great opportunity to ask your child’s doctor. 

Before the school year starts, schedule your children’s visit.

For more information or to find a physician, visit or call 1-800-495-2583. 


Primary Care

Tulane Doctors Family Medicine

Primary care professionals serve on the front lines of healthcare. That means they are often the first to see depression, early signs of cancer or chronic disease, and other health concerns. They ensure patients get the right care, in the right setting, by the most appropriate provider, in a manner consistent with the patient’s desires and values. 

Tulane Doctors Family Medicine physicians Clarissa Hoff and James Tebbe care for patients as young as 14 years old.

“Through routine check-ups, primary care can head potentially serious problems off at the pass. And we are able to guide you to the best specialist if that need arises,” notes Dr. Tebbe.

Access to primary care helps keep people out of emergency rooms, where care costs at least four times as much as other outpatient care.

“I appreciate the trust my patients place in me. We share the goal of keeping them healthy,” shares Dr. Hoff. 

For more information, visit

To schedule an appointment, call 504-988-0501 for Dr. Hoff and 504-865-5700 for Dr. Tebbe.