Tulane Cancer Center has been chosen as the first U.S. site for a clinical drug test of Alpharadin, a drug designed to target Stage III prostate cancer. Dr. Oliver Sartor, above, of the Tulane Cancer Center, recognized as an international prostate cancer expert, will be at the helm of the experimental treatments. Sartor is one of the only oncologists in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas who specialize in the treatment of prostate cancer. The drug, an injectable treatment based on Radium-223, works by targeting and destroying the cancer cells while leaving healthy bone marrow tissue intact.

nResearchers from some of the nation’s top medical centers, including LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Public Health, have found that drinking more than five servings of sugar-sweetened cola a week prior to pregnancy significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes during the pregnancy. The lead author of the recently published paper is Assistant Professor of Epidemiology Liwei Chen of LSUHSC, whose finding concluding that, in a 10-year follow-up study of 13,475 women, 860 developed gestational diabetes, and this was positively associated with sugar-sweetened colas and not linked to other sugar-sweetened beverages.

nLakeview Regional Medical Center recently opened the Vitality Juice, Java and Smoothie bar on their premises.

Developed and operated by Dr. Cathy Wilbert, the new business is designed to help both patients and their loved ones reach nutritional goals in a tasty way. Vitality smoothies are all natural with no sugar added, contain 25-25 grams of protein and have the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

nEntergy Vice President Tracie Boutte, above, right, recently presented the LSUHSC with a $100,000 check, to be used to in the support of the Isidore Cohn Jr. MD Student Learning Center. Flooded during Hurricane Katrina, this top-ranked patient simulation education center has been beautifully rebuilt and expanded; the 20,000 square-foot facility was rededicated this past fall.

– Lilith Dorko