The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans is seeking patients for a study of hyperbaric oxygen treatments on adults with persistent post-concussion syndrome of mild traumatic brain injury. According to a press release, the study is funded by the United States government and, “grew out of previous experience treating military veterans and civilians who had sustained traumatic brain injury with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.” Participants must have had persistent symptoms from one or more traumatic brain injuries or concussions six months to 10 years prior to the study. For more information, call 427-5632, email or visit

In its “2015’s Metro Areas with the Biggest and Smallest Weight Problems,” Wallet Hub reports that Greater New Orleans has the nation’s 10th biggest weight problem. One hundred of the most populated metro areas in the U.S. were assessed on: overweight adults; obese adults; physically activity; incidents of high cholesterol; consumption of fruits and vegetables; cases of diabetes; and high blood pressure.

Glyphosate, an active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup, which is manufactured by Monsanto in Luling, is linked to causing cancer. A World Health Organization agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, made the declaration earlier this year, reopening the long-time controversy. The New York Times reported that a group of 17 reviewers from around the world were in unanimous agreement on the classification. “All three lines of evidence sort of said the same thing, which is we ought to be concerned about this,” said Aaron Blair, a retired epidemiologist from the National Cancer Institute and chairman of the reviewers. Monsanto “accused the agency of having an ‘agenda’ and ‘cherry picking’ the data to support its case,” according to the Times piece.



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