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LSU Health New Orleans is boasting new faculty innovations that have qualified for patents, grants or commercialization agreements, Among the creations are:
• The development of a new method to treat drug-resistant viral infections.

• Fluoride-releasing compositions that can be included in fillings to reduce cavities.

• Neutralizing anti-HIV antibodies for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection.

• New methods to inhibit the formation and growth of new blood vessels to treat diseases that require a good blood supply.

 • A compound to make an improved storage solution for corneal tissue prior to transplantation.

• A medical simulation system that provides a more realistic training method for doctors.

According to an announcement by LSU Health New Orleans, “These advances and provide the city with critical research to combat disease, as well as growth in the job market and continued economic success for the city of New Orleans.” LSU’s Health Sciences Center is one of the six schools that are part of the statewide LSU Health System.


In time for holiday shopping, parents and family members with children should be wary. HealthDay reported that paintball, Airlift and BB guns may cause severe life- or vision-threatening injuries in kids. This idea is based off of research presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics annual meeting. Most of the injuries were that of eye-related injuries.

The report states that the researchers found in a study of 288 children, seven had injuries so severe it required surgical removal. Experts suggest children wear goggles while using non-powder guns and be closely supervised by an adult.



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