Whether you’re fighting a typical case of the sniffles or preparing for a life-changing surgery that will require a brief hospital stay, you want to feel confident in your healthcare providers and options as you journey towards wellness. The local healthcare industry is vast and wide, with general practitioners and specialists, large hospital systems and small private hospitals, family-run pharmacies and other supportive services. As you peruse options for the care you need, you’ll find dedicated professionals in a variety of fields across the city.

Crescent City Surgical Centre 

Crescent City Surgical Centre (CCSC) is America’s premier physician-owned surgical hospital. Owned and operated by a combination of 41 elite local practicing physicians and Louisiana Children’s Medical Center, CCSC offers eight operating rooms and two procedure rooms. Using cutting-edge DaVinci robotic laparoscopic technology, CCSC offers patients minimally invasive surgery resulting in less pain and faster recovery time.

Twenty VIP private rooms are available, and CCSC can make accommodations for those whose loved ones wish to stay overnight. Catered restaurant-style meals are served and designed to meet patients’ personal dietary needs. They offer expedited wait times on appointments in a relaxing and comfortable environment. CCSC features surgical specialists in the fields of Bariatric, Neurosurgery,

Orthopedics, ENT, Colorectal, General Surgery, Gynecological Procedures, Urology, Interventional Radiology, Pain Management, Plastic, Reconstructive and Advanced Cosmetic Surgery.

For more information about Crescent City Surgical Centre, call 504-830-2500 or visit ccsurg.com.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) is committed to helping families find health plan coverage that is the best fit for their needs. Healthcare.gov enrollment runs through Jan. 15. Thanks to recent federal changes, more people qualify for tax credits to help them pay for individual health plans. If you’ve been paying a lot to cover a spouse or dependents on an employer health plan, you might have more affordable choices on Healthcare.gov. Create an account and see what’s available to you.

Need help reviewing your plan options? You can work with a licensed, experienced agent at no cost. Connect with one by visiting GetPlanOptions.com or calling 1-844-GET-BLUE (1-844-438-2583). There is no obligation to buy because you speak to an agent. Visit StraightTalkLA.com or connect with us on social media @BCBSLA to get more enrollment tips.

For more information on BCBSLA, visit bcbsla.com or call