Hearing & Eye Care

With the roll-out of vaccines underway, we will someday soon be able to gather with friends and family and be more present in the world outside of the home. For people with hearing and eye problems, it’s possible that increased isolation may have disguised the severity of any issues. Being ready to safely hear live music, watch a movie with loved ones, and attend a child’s ball game or performance will be welcomed experiences for families in the near future. Make sure you can be fully present for these moments by checking on your hearing and eye health now. Local resources are available with experts who specialize in hearing and balance and in eye care. From accessing digital hearing devices to the new advancements in cataract surgery, New Orleans residents have an abundance of care options pertaining to healthy ear and eye function.


Treating Hearing Loss & Balance Disorders

CNC Hearing & Balance Center

When you suffer from a persistent hearing and balance disorder, you can become isolated. If you can’t hear, you can’t engage in conversation. If you’re afraid of falling, you tend to stay home. The CNC Hearing and Balance Center, led by Neurotologist Moises Arriaga, can help you get your life back.

The CNC medical staff is uniquely qualified to provide a full hearing health evaluation and solutions that can make a real difference. CNC offers a wide array of treatment options from assistive devices to microsurgical hearing restoration, surgically implantable hearing devices, digital hearing device fittings and follow-up service, CochlearTM implants, hearing tests, and tinnitus evaluation and treatment. 

Hearing loss can be an indication of a more serious condition and can even contribute to dementia and risk of falling. Take care of yourself or someone you love today. The CNC Hearing and Balance Center has offices in Marrero and Uptown New Orleans. Call 504-934-8320 for an appointment or visit cnchearing.com.


Improving Vision & Treatments for Dry Eyes

Eyecare Associates

Eyecare Associates physicians are excited about new cataract surgery technology now available for New Orleans area patients. The Catalys Precision Laser System is designed to make cataract surgery safer and more accurate, while new lens implant options—such as the latest in multifocal and extended focus intraocular lenses—provide patients with the best-corrected vision for both distance and near at the same time. 

In addition to the new technology offered for cataract patients, Eyecare is excited to offer new treatments for dry eye sufferers. In addition to multiple new dry eye drops and tears now available, Eyecare offers treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction with LipiFlow treatment.  

Optometrists at Eyecare Associates offer the latest options in daily wear contact lenses that are known for exceptional comfort and clear vision. Patients at Eyecare Associates have access to comprehensive routine and medical examinations as well as refractive surgery, glaucoma treatment, and retina services and procedures.

For more information, call 504-455-9825 or visit eyecareneworleans.com.

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