Heat Wave

Summer has arrived with a vengeance.

It’s officially too hot outside to do anything except:

A. Eat sno-balls/drink daiquiris (as age-appropriate)
B. Be completely immersed in water
C. Complain about how hot it is from inside your air-conditioned home

The AC is one of the few things that still works on my 10-year-old minivan, but when it’s this hot, I’m still soaked in sweat by the time I get where I’m going. My kids pretty much refuse to leave the house, unless it’s to get sno-balls or swim (if they manage to get invited somewhere with a pool), and even the dog, who loves his “walkies” more than anything else in the world, gives us this look, like, “Are you kidding me?” when he steps outside. 

And it’s only June. 

Georgia is doing summer camp in the mornings, so at one point, I tried to come up with a list of stuff we could do on the occasional afternoon I plan to take off from work. 

Blueberry-picking, maybe, or the zoo? Mini-golf at City Putt or playing tourist in the French Quarter? Maybe even a day trip to Bay St. Louis? 

Those ideas sound so fun in April. But in the actual thick of June, let alone July? No, no, no, no, and definitely no. 

We might venture out to a movie theater, depending on COVID rates, or maybe NOMA or the Children’s Museum. And the library is always a good idea.

But in general, if you need us, we’ll be eating sno-balls, drinking daiquiris, and begging invites to people’s pools … and complaining about the heat.

Stay safe out there, y’all! 

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