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5 essential pans
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Aluminum|!!| cast iron|!!| and unlined copper are reactive metals. They conduct heat very well|!!| however they are reactive with acidic and alkaline foods. If you’re cooking with ingredients like tomatoes or lemon juice|!!| your food can take on a metallic flavor. Ceramics and stainless steel are non-reactive. They don’t conduct heat very well and tend to have ‘hot spots.’ But|!!| they won’t interfere with the chemical structure of the food. |!!!|

1. This sauté pan by Thundergroup features a cool touch handle, stainless steel interior, a Tri-Ply bottom for efficient heat distribution and is induction ready. Acadiana Restaurant Supply, 1428 Eraste Landry Road, Lafayette. (337) 412-6347.

2. The durable ceramic finish of the Scanpan allows for high-heat searing in this versatile sauté pan. It’s a one-stop pot for frying, roasting and even for soup making. The Kitchen Shop, 296 Martin Luther King Dr., Grand Coteau. (337) 662-3500

3. The Rock by Starfrit frying pan has an ultra durable, rock-like finish, an outstanding release performance and an extra thick forged aluminum base which allows for optimum heat distribution and even cooking. Bed Bath & Beyond, 3617 Ambassador Caffrey Parkway, Lafayette. (337) 988-5423

4. This Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet has a textured black enamel interior which makes it ideal for frying, searing or baking a variety of foods on the stovetop or in the oven. It requires no surface maintenance or pan seasoning. Joey’s 503 Bertrand Dr., Lafayette, (337) 237-3661

5. This Lagostina, Tri-Ply Construction maintains flavor and is great for searing. It has a lifetime warranty and is broiler safe up to 500 degrees.  Kitchenary at Heymann’s 456 Heymann Blvd. # C, Lafayette, (337) 264-1037



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