A week or so ago, we wrote about some of the most atmospheric and charming places to bring your gal pals to ask them to be part of your bridal party (click here to read the post). Recently, New Orleans Bride Magazine editor Melanie Warner Spencer shared her favorite items and some adorable options to gift your bridesmaids when they accept your “proposal,” during her monthly WWL segment. If you opt not to do a “bridesmaid ask,” these goodies also are a great option to thank your friends for being in the wedding. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to view the segment. Enjoy!  


Here Come the Bridesmaids, Part 2Here Come the Bridesmaids, Part 2




Did you gift your girlfriends with a little something either during the “ask” or at some other moment during the pre-wedding or Big Day festivities? Let us know and share your story in the comments below.