Hideaway Above the Square

The Bradys’ home away from home melds glamour and drama.

Walk into Joyce and Timothy “Tim” Brady’s glamorous New Orleans hideaway and be prepared to be impressed. Located in a grand building overlooking Lafayette Square on St. Charles Street, the Bradys’ home away from home is a marvel of contemporary design. “I wanted the furnishing to be glamorous, exciting and unexpected,” says Joyce, as she sits on a chaise lounge in front of a wall of windows that offer an unobstructed view of New Orleans. She definitely got what she wanted and the words “glamorous,” “exciting” and “unexpected” describe the space that’s a study in white with plush furnishings.

A circa 1738 map of Paris completely covers one wall in the living room and adds a dramatic flair to the interior design that was a collaboration between Dionne Bloemer Coulon and Erica Larkin Gaudet. “The map immediately gave the space the Parisian pied-à-terre feeling I wanted,” Joyce says. “We enjoyed working with Dionne and Erica and we were always on the same page with each other. I love everything they did, especially the way they mixed vintage, modern and antiques. ”

Bleached and whitewashed red oak wood plank flooring was used in the living area of the condo, with a lush white rug defining the seating area. The 1940 vintage chaise lounge has a natural white fox throw draped across it for yet another touch of glamour to the space.

Dionne and Erica are both especially proud of the custom curved banquettes that they designed to provide maximize seating in the dining area. The curved elliptical glass tabletop between the banquettes rests on a 1970s skyscraper design acrylic base.

One of Joyce’s favorite things in the house is the altar in the front hallway made for them by Mitchell Gaudet, owner of Studio Inferno in Bywater. “I always feel special walking into the front door and seeing the altar,” she says.

It is easy to see why Tim’s first words when he walked into the condo two years ago were, “I’m going to buy this place. It’s perfect for our family.” The president and CEO of Force Power Systems, LLC in Houma, says, “We instantly knew we would enjoy having a quiet retreat that’s close to good restaurants, across from Lafayette Square and on the Mardi Gras parade route.”

“I love hearing the bells from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church ring while we’re walking to Mass,” Joyce says. “And I never get tired of the sound of the streetcars down below.”

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