1. Gather passports, tickets and all of the documents you need for your honeymoon and put them in a safe place (perhaps with your already-packed luggage) so that you don’t have to scramble and possibly forget something important, at the last minute

2. Find a quiet space away from everyone else when you’re almost ready but don’t yet have your wedding dress on to reflect on what you’re about to do.

3. Hand-write thank-you notes for your vendors and put them in final payment envelopes; that way they’ll know how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you, and you can check those off your thank-you note list early.

4. Delegate small wedding day tasks to those you want to share important moments with and trust, such as someone to: bustle your dress, carry your day-of things, hand out tips and be the point person for each vendor.

5. Nominate a “gift caretaker” – if possible try to make it someone who isn’t already in your wedding party. That person should gather all of the gifts given to you at the ceremony and reception and make certain that they’re delivered safely to your home.

6. Be ready for the three little words that get a New Orleanian (or someone coming here to celebrate) excited: Stock the bar. By the month before your wedding you should have a solid headcount for your reception; the time has come to stock your bar accordingly.

7. Plan a “date night” for you and your fiancé some night in the last month before your wedding when you both promise to turn off your phones, not talk about the wedding at all and just concentrate on your relationship.

8. Have one more – probably long – check-in with your photographer going over your photography list for not only posed (usually family) shots but also the moments that you wish him or her to capture (first dance, bridesmaids taking shots, etc.).

9. Choose or make an extra-special gift for your maid of honor and best man – it doesn’t have to be expensive – that expresses your friendship and something fun that you’ve shared, which they can keep and through which they can remember your big day.