NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Hogs for the Cause returned with sell-out crowds at its new location, and sets record of nearly Three Million Dollars raised for families fighting pediatric brain cancer (fundraising numbers include fundraising efforts from 2020 and 2021 combined). The organizers have also announced the names of the Grand Champion, category winners, and top fundraisers for the 2021 Ben Sarrat, Jr. Cook-Off. In addition, the 2020 and 2021 inductees into the Hog of Fame were revealed during the annual Hogs for the Cause event on Saturday, June 5th, at the Plaquemines Parish Government Facility in Belle Chasse.

“We always knew our teams, musicians and fans were the best,” said Becker Hall, CEO & Co-Founder of Hogs for the Cause. “And no amount of rain, or mud, will stop them from coming out to support our cause and have a good time! We are so glad to be back!”

“We especially want to thank Plaquemines Parish President Kirk Lepine for helping us officially bring back the fun of festivals in New Orleans,” said Rene Louapre, Hogs Co-Founder. “Kirk willingly supported our efforts and helped make our move to Plaquemines as seamless as possible.”

Due to the cancellation of last year’s event, the 2020 Hog of Fame inductees were named alongside the 2021 inductees. For 2020, Hogs honored Mark Gervais (Hupigs), Doris Schutte (Swine and Dine), Jen Martin (Swine and Dine), Mike Klank (Foxeria Del Sol), Eddie Hernandez (Foxeria Del Sol), Rodney Beals (Pork Funk All-Stars), Eric Hunn (Mr. Pigglesworth), and Becca Jump, Hogs staffer. The 2021 Hog of Fame inductees were Ronnie Evans and Philip Moseley of Blue Oak BBQ. The Hog of Fame award represents continued dedication and service to the Hogs for the Cause organization.

The Ben Sarrat, Jr. Cook-Off featured 80 teams this year. The BBQ competitors vied for the title of Grand Champion presented by Children’s Hospital New Orleans, along with champions in the categories of piglet, whole hog, “Pork Butt/Shoulder” presented by Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery, ribs, and porkpourri (anything pork). There were also awards for Best Friday Night Party, “Fan Favorite” presented by Louisiana Tourism, “Best Sauce” presented by White Claw, “Best Side” presented by Blue Plate Mayonnaise, “Best Bacon” presented by Irpino Avin Hawkins, “Just Winging It” presented by Tabasco, and Fundraising Champion.


The winners are:

High on the Hog Grand Champion
presented by Children’s Hospital New Orleans:
Lard and In Charge


Whole Hog:
Mr. Pig Stuff

“Pork Butt/Shoulder”
presented by Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery:
Squeal Team 6


Lard and in Charge

Best Friday Night Party:
The Boar’s Nest

“Fan Favorite”
presented by Louisiana Tourism:
Mr. Pigglesworth

“Best Sauce”
presented by White Claw:
Smokey Ridge BBQ

“Best Side”
presented by Blue Plate Mayonnaise:
Swine and Dine BABY!

“Best Bacon”
presented by Irpino Avin Hawkins:
MS Bacon Association

“Just Winging It”
presented by Tabasco:
Captain Porkenheimer

(fundraising numbers include fundraising efforts from 2020 and 2021 combined)

Fundraising Champion:
Fleur De Que
raised $700,000

Teams that raised over $400,000:
Morten Andersens Mullets

Teams that Raised over $200,000:
Boars Nest

Teams that raised over $100,000:
Team March of the Pigs

Teams that raised over $90,000:
Mr. Pigglesworth
Captain Porkenheimer

Teams that raised over $80,000:
Mr. Pig Stuff

Teams that raised over $50,000:
Deswine Intervention
Swine and Dine

Teams that raised over $40,000:
Deuce Pigalow Pork Gigolo
Swine Krewe
Silence of Da Hams
Smokeshow Cook Squad

Teams that raised over $30,000:
Irish Brew BBQ
River Pork Pilots
Frey Smoked Meats
Druids BBQ
Sir Pork A Lot

Teams that raised over $20,000:
Piggy Stardust
Hog Dat Nation
Barbacoa Brotherhood
Mazant National
Lard and in Charge
Sweet Swine O Mine
The Pigwick Club
Smoke Dem If You Got Dem
Chits & Piggles


Hogs for the Cause 2021 Sponsors include: Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, Urban South, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Blue Plate Mayonnaise, Luzianne Tea, Louisiana Tourism, Phelps Dunbar, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey, Don Julio, Scariano Distributing, Tabasco, White Claw Hard Seltzer, Seagrams 7, Capital One, Irpino Avin Hawkins, Hogwash Rose, Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery, Boucaner Wine, and NOLA Dermatology