You know you’re living well when you have to think: What do I blog about this week? Pediatric cancer (again) or my best friend who is missing (see notice below) and presumed dead?

I have tried to write about Jim, but it’s too soon, too raw. I write five words and start crying or stop typing and get lost in memories. It’s coming. But not now. I just can’t.

And at least with this particular blog, we can talk about more than pediatric cancer. We can talk about pediatric cancer and pork and sunny days in City Park.

Because it’s the third annual Hogs for the Cause this Saturday starting at noon. There will be music (Amanda Shaw and The Cute Guys, Honey Island Swamp Band, Soul Rebels Brass Band, Anders Osborne with Big Chief Monk Boudreau and the Radiators) and pig (whole pig, ribs, butt). According to the weather, there will be sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the gate, and the event is a fundraiser for pediatric brain cancer research. From the website: “The purpose of Hogs For The Cause is to provide aid and relief of those variable expenses and economic burdens which families face while their child is being treated for pediatric brain cancer. Hogs For The Cause will operate as the premier funding source for pediatric brain cancer outreach services in the United States. While money devoted to pediatric cancer research is dwindling, there is an even bigger void in the periphery and variable expenses associated with cancer treatment. We will fill this void. Hogs For The Cause will take care of the small things, so families can worry about the big thing. And don’t forget that Hogs for the Cause is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are tax deductible under the full amount as allowed by the IRS.”

I will be judging the Porkpourri category along with my boyfriend and fellow blogger, Restaurant Insider Robert Peyton, and my friend, fellow blogger and New Orleans Magazine Dining Editor Jay Forman. In the next category, Whole Hog, my friend, fellow blogger and New Orleans Magazine Wine and Spirits Editor Tim McNally will be a judge. and New Orleans Magazine should be well-represented out there tomorrow. Please come by and say hello.