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Holiday wedding celebration Do’s and Don’ts

Happy New Year LTEC readers! We hope that your New Year’s was filled with fireworks, a little sparkle and wedding celebrations.

Did you attend any wedding festivities over the holidays? Having an engagement party, shower or other wedding-related celebration during a holiday can be a tricky endeavor. Is the theme overbearing? Did you give your guests enough time to make plans? Checking all of the boxes and making sure you leave the cheesy themes at home will make for a beautiful wedding fête.


When it comes to planning a party around the holidays here are some important Do’s and Don’ts to remember:


DO send out invitations earlier than normally expected. This allows guests times to make, change or update any plans they had for that particular time of the year.

DO invite close family and friends.

DO capitalize on the theme. You are sharing your time with a well-established celebration day of the year; use that to your creative and decorative advantage. Give your party a theme. If it is New Year’s Eve, add in sparklers and festive hats or other props so your guests can get into the spirit. If it’s Christmas or another holiday, tie in flowers, colors or other parts of the time to make your celebration extra magical.

DON’T veer toward a cheesy them. Try to uphold the holiday and its traditions in a sophisticated and fun way.

DON’T expect every guest to be able to make an appearance. Since it is a holiday, some guests may have other longstanding traditions or commitments.


Holiday wedding celebration Do’s and Don’tsHoliday wedding celebration Do’s and Don’ts


Having an engagement party or other wedding festivity around a holiday can be a beautiful way to mark a pre-wedding milestone or the wedding itself. Playing off of the theme of the season and using it to create an enchanting evening will make for wonderful memories. So be mindful, crack open a sparkler and celebrate the happy couple. 



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