Hollywood comes to New Orleans

Screening at 7 p.m. with an introduction by Harry Shearer.
Post-screening Q&A followed by a cocktail reception.
DATE: Thursday, November 30
PLACE: the Landmark Theater at Canal Place
PRICE: $50/person Limited seating. CONTACT: Kristi 830-7264

New Orleans Magazine is hosting a special Red Carpet Presentation of “For Your Consideration” to benefit the Tipitina’s Foundation. ”For Your Consideration” is a new comedy from Christopher Guest, the director of Waiting for Guffman, Best In Show and A Mighty Wind.

A night to benefit the Tipitina’s Foundation! This red carpet special presentation of Christopher Guest’s latest comedy For Your Consideration, will take place 7 p.m., Thursday, November 30, at the Landmark Theater in Canal Place.

Harry Shearer, one of the stars of this movie and the cover of New Orleans Magazine in November, will introduce the film and take part in a Q&A afterwards, along with co-stars Jennifer Coolidge, Christopher Moynihan and Michael Hitchcock. A cocktail reception will follow.

This event costs $50 a person and all proceeds will benefit the Tipitina’s Foundation: a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that has worked to uplift the music community of New Orleans. Initially, the Foundation addressed the immediate needs of our exiled musicians; now the foundation is hosting a newly-opened Music Co-op Office that allows musicians to conduct their business activities during the daytime, free legal and accounting seminars, free music lessons for music students, regular Master Seminars, and help with housing information. In addition, the foundation has given away over $500,000 of new instruments so far. Through these efforts, the Tipitina’s Foundation is saving the musical traditions of New Orleans.

Seating is limited, so call and Reserve you Ticket today!

Contact Kristi Ferrante at (504) 830-7264 to purchase tickets and for more information call Morgan Packard at (504) 830-7227.

According to Harry Shearer, “New Orleans nourishes my body and my spirit with richness and depth. Wherever I travel and encounter a fellow New Orleanian, the strength of the bond is always a source of bittersweet pleasure.”

This event is sponsored by New Orleans Magazine, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary as the magazine of New Orleans.

”For Your Consideration” opens in New Orleans theatres November 22.