Home away from home

Creating a comfortable, cozy cubicle for a more appealing workday
Having begun my job in February, it has taken a few months to get a feel for the space, get settled in and get inspired to decorate the little corner of the office suite I share with the other magazine editors. Decorating day came in a rush this week, when I went out to acquire a few items to spruce up the shelves, cabinets and desktop in and around my cubicle. Within minutes, I had a color theme and was off and running. The touches I went with are decidedly homey, because my philosophy is that — like most people — I spend more hours in the day at work than home, so creating an inviting, warm work area makes for a much more pleasant workday. 
Often when decorating my office space, I’ll actually grab items from home and occasionally swap them out when it’s time to refresh the décor. Whether you repurpose existing home décor or head to your favorite store, consider items that are functional, including a clock and a lamp, but also the purely aesthetic, such as flowers, plants and a glass bowl filled with decorative balls. 
Bright colors are a way to bring a little joy to your surroundings. Since many offices employ gray cubicles and white or neutral walls, infusing your workspace with pops of color is an easy way to make it more lively, interesting and chic. It also feels just a little luxurious to have fresh flowers and a toss pillow at your desk, no? Green is often used in creative spaces. It symbolizes growth, harmony and, of course, money. Yellow is associated with happiness, energy, intellect and my favorite, sunshine. The two complement one another and the associations with nature are a good balance in an otherwise cold office environment. 
As you can see from the photos of my freshly spruced up space, just a few pieces — a glass bowl with decorative balls, clock, desk LED desk lamp, toss pillow and plant box — transform the area from ho-hum to homey and stylish. Also, I could swear I’ve been more productive over the past few days. 
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