1. Details

The Night-blooming Cereus’ bloom is breathtaking. It’s almost 7 inches across and produces a rapturous scent. Look for blooms around 9 p.m. It will be fully open by midnight. The first rays of sun will see the petals wither and die. They flower from July to October.

2. Moisture

Night-blooming cereus is a cactus so it requires minimal attention and needs far less water than other plants. Pot in equal parts sand and potting mix with a handful of compost.

3. Potting

Keep in smaller pots as a rootbound cactus will produce more flowers. Be patient — it will not begin to flower until it is four or five years old.

4. Sun

Night-blooming cereus can get sunburned so make sure to place it in a spot without intense exposure to sunlight.

5. Maintenance

These plants grow fast so removal of stems helps control their size. Pruning also stimulates the remaining stems to produce blooms. Be sure to root the cut ends to create more plants for you and your friends.