Gus Haik is the owner of Cajun Spirits Distillery in New Orleans. Born and raised in New Orleans, Haik, an engineer, discovered his passion for spirits as he travelled the world with the Navy. Haik started the distillery in July 2010, while holding down a separate, full-time job. His dedication and commitment paid off: In 2015, Haik was finally able to introduce New Orleans to his flavorful, hand-crafted spirits. Unlike conventionally-distilled spirits, Cajun Spirits’ rum, vodka, and gin contain a unique Louisiana ingredient: sugar cane. Haik uses Louisiana sugarcane as a base to give his products their distinctive flavors. Cajun Spirits’ rum, vodka, and gin add richness and complexity to traditional New Orleans cocktails, classic favorites, and specialty drink creations. In this podcast, Gus Haik explains the distilling process and shares where to find his unique New Orleans’ spirits.


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