Hot Yoga

Is it worth turning up the heat?

Yoga uses slow movements and deep breathing to increase blood flow and warm up muscles, while building strength through holding poses. This develops muscle tone and flexibility. By adding heat, muscles warm up faster, enabling your body to stretch further and burn more calories. Studies show an average calorie burn can go from 200 to 400 calories per hour by cranking up the mercury. As the muscles work harder, so does your heart, giving you a more intense cardiovascular workout. Your heart and lungs will pump faster than in lower temperatures. This boost will increase the circulation of the glucose (sugar) in your bloodstream and brings more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your cells. Research clearly indicates that the many benefits of practicing yoga can be enhanced by heat and that hot yoga is even more powerful at alleviating depression and anxiety and creating a sense of balance and wellbeing in many adults than traditional forms.

That said, dehydration is a major concern, drinking at least 32 ounces of water before performing hot yoga is highly recommended, as well as consuming water during the class.  Afterwards, it may be necessary to supplement your water intake with drinks offering added electrolytes. Pregnant women, people with low blood sugar levels and anyone with pre-existing health conditions can experience dizziness and fainting, and should consult with a physician before trying a class.

Hot Yoga

Erin Romney

Founder of Romney Studios, with two locations in New Orleans, says, “We are thrilled to offer HEAT, our infrared heated yoga studios now in both locations. The benefit of infrared is that it targets the body not the room, so your muscles warm up faster and the impact is deeper. Our instructors are specifically trained to maximise the strength and flexibility that can be achieved by bringing heat to this ancient art.”

Hot Yoga

Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel

You can try a regular towel, but microfibre versions are light and easily folded into a bag while being the right size to cover your whole mat to provide the desired stickiness especially good for sweaty classes.

Hot Yoga

Klean Kanteen

Cold water is an essential; this version of an insulated stainless-steel flask beats the competition with its ability to keep your beverage icy cold for 72 hours!

Hot Yoga

Lululemon Reversible Mat

Not all mats are equal. The New York Times and a slew of yoga titles consistently ranked this mat as being worth the extra dollars, combining comfortable cushiness with stickiness and an easy to wipe down texture.

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