How Do I Get Mrs. Obama’s Arms?

Dear Hudson & Billy,
I want to know how Michelle Obama does it. She must be very busy, so how does she have time to work out and have those amazingly toned arms? I am five years younger than she is, and I’m already self-conscious about my “bingo wings” and how I look when I wear sleeveless T-shirts and dresses. What do I have to do to have arms like her?

Billy Katz and Hudson Ellis of Simply Fit:
First of all, I agree her arms do look great, but they come from her well-documented, full-body workout that she commits to three times a week. You see, “spot reduction” (i.e. just trying to reduce fat or increase muscle in one area) isn’t an effective way to achieve results. A well-balanced program has to be the answer – you’ll look and feel much better, too.

There are three things you need to do: Make sure you have a healthy diet; include some cardio exercise; and strength-train your muscles. The cardio can include running, walking, riding a bike, swimming, jumping rope or kickboxing – almost any exercise that raises your heart rate. You can use the one you like the most or, even better, use a combination of them so that you won’t get bored. As for strength training your arms, a combination of bicep curls, tricep pushdowns and a shoulder press will give the muscles in your arms the definition you are looking for. However, form is really important. Your body will try to use momentum and other muscles to help you get through the exercise, but you need to tax the precise muscle you want to work as much as possible and make sure you are doing the exercise correctly. All of these exercises can be done at home with a pair of dumbbells, but make sure you have the information you need to exercise safely and correctly.

Good luck, you can do it and please make sure if you have any questions seek professional advice.


Billy Katz and Hudson Ellis are the co-owners of Simply Fit gyms. Read more tips from them on October 13 in Renaissance Publishing’s daily e-newsletter. Sign up by visiting

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