How Do I…?

“I really want to wear a red lip for the big day. How do I keep it lasting all day?” A red lip is the little black dress of the makeup world, says Angela Ugulano, the owner of Angela U Artistry. But achieving the perfect red lip takes some effort and tools, including lip liner, lipstick and a brush. “Start by following the natural outline of your lips,” Ugulano says.

“Once you have a completed outline, take your lip liner and carefully fill in the entire lip area. This creates a barrier to help keep the color strong as well as preventing feathering.”

When you’re ready for lipstick, Ugulano recommends a long-lasting formula, and use a brush for better control.

Claire Rav, owner of Claire Rav Makeup, recommends a red stain for long-lasting lip color, with powder on top to seal it. Lip stains can be tricky, however, so Rav suggests hiring a professional makeup artist for the wedding to ensure everything is perfect for pictures and the walk down the aisle. “Any wedding that I do, I’m with the bride up until the ceremony,” Rav says. “I keep touching her up.” To keep all makeup lasting, including lipstick, Rav seals a bride’s makeup with a sealing spray.

“What if I cry during the ceremony? How do I keep my makeup from getting all over my face?” Your wedding day is an emotional one, so don’t feel bad if you shed a few tears. Ann Marie White, owner of Dazzle Doll Makeup, says the best way to keep your makeup looking fresh is to avoid rubbing or squinting your eyes. “Look up, let the tear run down and blot it with a tissue after,” White says. Rachel Colonna, a makeup artist with About Face of Mandeville, recommends looking up and sniffing, which makes the tears go back up.
Both White and Colonna recommend waterproof mascara. “Try to go as waterproof with your makeup as possible,” Colonna says. If you’re getting married in the heat of the Louisiana summer, you’ll be happy you went with waterproof and humidity proof makeup, even if you don’t cry.

“I’ve noticed a lot of celebrities sporting a really strong eyebrow these days. How do I make that work for me?” A strong eyebrow is  a hot look right now thanks to “it” girl Cara Delevingne, but Rav says the style is timeless. “When you have thicker eyebrows, it just makes the face look so much better,” she says. “When someone has pencil-thin eyebrows, the first thing you look at is their eyebrows.”

Ugulano says everyone should be filling their eyebrows in with something, but you have to find the right product. “A harsh brow does not work for everyone, but a fully polished brow does,” she says. Ugulano suggests scheduling a makeup trial with your preferred makeup artist, and trying out different eyebrow looks so you know what you want for the big day.

“Models in magazines always have dewy, gorgeous skin. How do I get perfect skin like that for my wedding?” It seems like celebrities and models have better skin than normal people, but it’s not all about makeup. Meggan Ory, owner of Makeup by Meggan says a beautiful complexion starts with great skincare. “There’s only so much makeup can do,” Ory says. She adds that every soon-to-be bride should have a morning and evening skincare regimen long before the wedding, and a trip to the dermatologist always helps.

Rav recommends drinking lots of water and keeping skin hydrated. She also says brides shouldn’t be so determined when idolizing the skin of celebrities. Models are often touched up before each shot, so Rav says it’s important to be realistic as “getting that perfect skin is next to impossible.”

“I will cry if I have a zit on my wedding day. How do I get rid of it – or at least cover it up?” Ugulano says zits often happen on a bride’s wedding day because it’s a stress-filled time.

It’s easy to cover up a zit by using concealer that’s not too creamy; Ugulano prefers a full coverage stick. “When you apply the concealer, be sure to pat it on instead of rubbing,” Ugulano says. “This creates a layering effect.” After the concealer, cover the area with translucent powder.

If you get a zit right before your rehearsal dinner, there’s still time to shrink it before you walk down the aisle. White recommends this trick: “Once you get the zit, the day or night before you can put some Visine on it to shrink it and take the redness out faster so you’re ready for the next day.”

“I’ve heard fake lashes are a good idea for the wedding day. How do I make those look good?” Rav says she often has brides ask about fake lashes and whether she does individual lashes or strip lashes. “As a makeup artist, I try to steer away from individual lashes, because they’re more difficult to put on,” Rav says. While individual lashes have been trendy in the last few years, Rav says strip lashes are easier to use, and they can be cut to a bride’s preferred look.

White says she also prefers the eyelash strip. “I think it makes your eye pop and it is definitely going to be the most glamourous outcome.”

“I really want a smoky eye for my wedding. How do I achieve that look?” Make sure the popular “smoky eye” look is really what you want. “All brides want a smoky eye, but they don’t know what that is,” Ory says. “Nine times out of 10, that’s what they say.” Ory recommends bringing in a few photos of examples of what you want for your eye makeup, instead of describing it to your stylist. Browse Pinterest, magazines or your friends’ wedding photos and take your favorites with you so you can give your makeup artist a clear idea of what you want.


How Do I...?

Traditional Makeup vs. Airbrush Makeup

Many brides choose to go with airbrush makeup for the wedding day but do you need it? That depends on who you talk to. Rachel Colonna of About Face of Mandeville says she’s a fan of airbrush makeup, which is sprayed onto the face, especially in the Louisiana humidity. “I love a waterproof alcohol airbrush makeup,” Colonna says. “A silicone base in Louisiana can be heavy on the face.” Ann Marie White, the owner of Dazzle Doll Makeup, says airbrush makeup is also a good choice for certain skin types. “If someone has very problematic skin, like bad acne, then I think that’s a good candidate for airbrush,” she says.

But White says airbrush makeup isn’t necessary for everyone. “I offer airbrush, but it’s not my favorite choice,” she says. “I feel like you can get more detailed with traditional foundation, your brushes and contouring. I feel like it comes out better.”

To decide how you should do your makeup for your big day, it’s best to contact a makeup professional and schedule a test run. The makeup artist will answer all your questions and figure out what works best for you so you’ll be looking great on your wedding day.

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