How League Dues are Allocated

Members of the Junior League of New Orleans are able to serve the community by volunteering their time and services. JLNO has nearly 2,200 members working together to bring about lasting and meaningful change in the community. Being a member of JLNO provides the opportunity for its members to strengthen leadership skills and utilize volunteer opportunities to improve Metropolitan New Orleans by identifying its most urgent needs and addressing them with relevant and effective initiatives. As the spring approaches, one thing on most JLNO members’ minds is renewing their annual dues, but have you ever wondered how your membership dues are allocated?

Every spring, League members are required to pay their annual League dues. Depending on your current League member status, dues vary.

How are annual dues determined?

The amount of League dues is a topic that is discussed at the Board level annually.  To arrive at the current cost of annual League dues, the League’s Finance Council reviews the final results from the prior year and performs a dues analysis. This analysis involves a look into how much revenue was brought in from the annual League dues and the financial commitments and obligations of the upcoming League year. If an increase in League dues is deemed necessary, the increase is first voted on by the Finance Council and then submitted to the Board of Directors for further action. However, if the Association of Junior Leagues International increases its dues, JLNO will automatically increase its dues by the same amount for the next League year.

Who pays dues? Do all League members pay dues?

No. Sustainers 80 and older are Sustainer Emeritus and no longer pay any dues. Dues differ for Provisionals, Actives, Associate Actives, Sustainers and Sustainer Plus members. Sustainer Plus members are members between the ages of 75 and 79.

How are annual dues allocated?

Junior League of New Orleans pays a specific amount per member to the Association of Junior Leagues International in dues each year. Dues cover programming expenses to further the League’s mission along with the organization’s management. The breakdown results in 87 percent of the annual dues allocated to programming and mission expenses and 13 percent to management and operations. All of the League’s fundraisers pay for themselves and the profits derived from the fundraisers after expenses are allocated toward community projects for the following year.

League members can be confident their dues are being used to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women and improve communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. League dues also serve as a personal investment in an organization of women committed to leadership education, personal growth, social connections, fund and resource development expertise, communications skills, strategic and logistic planning abilities, consensus-building capacity and mentoring.


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