Could a wedding couple and their Big Day become any sweeter than it already is? Well, it sounds like weddings all around the city are looking to become a bit more sugary and spirited.

The New Orleans Bride and Let Them Eat Cake team has been hearing a common refrain when speaking with wedding professionals throughout the city. This new desire is the idea of a dessert bar. Some experts tell us that couples are even opting for dessert-only receptions and events – making their Big Day all about sweet love and the love of sweets.

This dessert idea is one that LTEC is definitely on board with trending. But what if you could give your dessert bar that extra oomph? LTEC believes you can.

Don’t just stop your dessert bar at serving cupcakes and candy, but spice it, or spike it, up a little with spiked desserts – combining both the love of sweets and the love of a good cocktail. And if your wedding is here in New Orleans, chances are your guests appreciate a cocktail, or two.


A few of our favorites include cupcakes with bourbon or rum, champagne infused sorbet, spiked cannoli and New Orleans bananas foster with banana liquor.

You can also add actual cocktails to the mix with dessert-flavored martinis, Irish coffees and Kalhua or other spiked milkshakes.


No matter what you decide on, spike your sweets and create the ultimate wedding dessert bar.

How Sweet It Is How Sweet It Is