How to Add Fall into Your Home Decor

Bringing fall colors into your home décor is part of getting into the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, and somewhat confessionally, orange and brown (in that order) are my least favorite colors. Yet, I’ve come to an understanding that every autumn they will be welcomed into my home with open arms. The colors tend to work their way in slowly by way of Whole Foods. During each weekly visit, almost involuntarily, another tiny ochre vegetable winds up in my cart. The next thing I know, a cornucopia of tawny-toned decor is bowling over into the living room. It’s a slippery slope.  

It’s quite logical that we like to surround ourselves in earthy tones this time of year. On a very primal level, over thousands of years of evolution, we’ve come to feel nurtured by fall’s harvest of colors. Nuts falling from long brown tree limbs and yellow/orange sprouting veggies reassure us we will have full bellies in the colder days ahead. But for those of us who do not particularly love the color scheme of nature’s bounty this time of year, perhaps we can simply add a hint of fall here and there for a subtle, yet celebratory effect. 


Wreaths and garlands are no longer just for Christmas. Grab a fresh, herbal wreath and hang over a gilded mirror.  You can also adorn a fireplace with faux and/or dried floral garland options at Terrian. If you want something more unique, create a custom piece with Fait Nola or Waysides.  

Eat and Drink: 

With today’s popular open floor plans, odds are that family and friends will see the kitchen as much as the living room. Bring in fall tones with your cookware, like this Le Creuset set in nutmeg or these terracotta ceramic dish sets. You can even display staples like olive oil in a pretty jar to add kitchen flair.  


A well-placed pillow or throw in the right tones serves as both a cozy addition to your living room and a nod to the holidays. You really can’t go wrong with a floral pillow or herringbone throw. And if you want to go all out, wrap yourself in these luxurious towels after a warm bath.

How to Add Fall into Your Home Decor


Sheepskin Pelt, Sunday Shop
Tray, Moda Operandi
Lamps, Liz Marsh
Faux Bois Candlesticks, Moda Operandi
Small Woven Baskets, Eclectic Home 

How to Add Fall into Your Home Decor


Pillow, Eclectic Home
Ceramic Mug, Moda Operandi
Flower Color Guide Book, Octavia Books
Iron Botanical Garland, Terrain
Glazed Urns, St Romain Interiors 

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