Forget this week’s pop of cold weather, the time for sleeveless, strapless and V-neck garments is imminent. Temperatures will soon rise, and the long sleeve, turtleneck numbers we have been wearing will be unthinkable. It’s a whimsical time of year, but for fashion purposes it’s slightly anxiety provoking. Contrary to our carefree younger days, spring fashion can feel less liberating and more loaded with questions. The need to assess areas of the body that will soon be revealed becomes imperative. One of the top areas of concern for many is the décolleté. As we age, this area can become riddled with crease lines and sunspots, sometimes seemingly over just one long winter season. To help us feel more confident and continue wearing the latest spring/summer fashions with ease, we’ve checked in with a few experts on how to maintain a youthful neck and chest.  

At Home: 

The holistic experts at The Vibrant Market recommend using a combination of products. They say, “Exfoliation is often overlooked past our face, the Mukti 2 N 1 Resurfacing Exfoliant is super effective for both face and décolleté and can be used 2-3 times per week to slough off dead skin.” They also add, “Follow up with The Advanced Response Complex Face and Neck Cream by Maya Chia. It can be slathered on both day and night to plump up the thin skin of the neck and chest.” This rich cream purports to use the skin’s own response mechanisms to help regenerate, firm, brighten, smooth and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  

Full Body Treatment: 

Caroline Milling, a local Modere consultant recommends imbibing Liquid BioCell Pure for increased collagen production from the inside out. The multi-patented liquid supplement claims to clinically improve joint mobility, healthy cartilage and connective tissue. In addition, the company’s CellProof Body Firming Foam provides advanced hydration and helps visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and unwanted signs of aging.  

The Dermatologist Office: 

Dr. Mara Haseltine, a board-certified dermatologist at Pure Dermatology recommends Sculptra injections to help build collagen in targeted areas. Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that can address chest laxity or crepiness by gradually replacing lost collagen. The poly-L-lactic acid within acts as a collagen stimulator.  It penetrates deep layers of your skin to add volume and trigger your body’s ability to naturally produce collagen. 

Dr. Haseltine also suggests lasers as an effective treatment for dark spots on the neck and chest as well as crepiness. The UltraLase treatment works well on brown spots. The laser inflicts controlled damage on the skin to kick-start the body’s natural wound-healing response and, in the process, boost production of collagen and elastin.   


There are a few gadgets that we’ve seen pop up over the last few years that may be worth trying. The Vibrant Market recommends the TheraFace Pro for the face, neck and chest. The handheld device uses percussive therapy, designed for the face with an added red-light attachment for fine line and wrinkles. Similarly, the NuBody microcurrent device claims to tone and firm skin to sculpt the body in just 5 minutes per treatment area. While not specifically designed for the neck and chest, it could be worth a shot while you’re covering other areas.   

We have yet to try some of the other quirky pillows or techy devices on the market but thought you might get a kick out of seeing them! Think C-3PO!  

Neck Mask, Omnilux 

Chest Pillow, Beauty Pillow 

Dennis Gross Bodyware Pro, Sephora 

Chest Lift Pad, Sio Beauty 

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