Many mothers and grandmothers will find themselves alone for this annual holiday that has taken on a high level of importance in our society. If one such lady is in your orbit, operate on the assumption that this “holiday” is a loaded one for her and she could use some love. Do something nice. Invite her to your gathering, cook, bake a little extra, order an additional portion to share or make a bouquet. Your efforts may amount to the difference between a day that is bearable and one that is excruciating. A kind gesture from one person can change another’s life.

Here are some ideas for sharing with the special women in your life on this mother of all holidays.

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How to Host: Mother's Day
Photo taken at The Sully Mansion

Flower Power

New Orleans floral designer extraordinaire Destiny Pinson of Doris Ione (her grandmothers’ names) has established a flower club offering weekly, bi-weekly and monthly flower delivery subscriptions for homes, retail spaces and restaurants. Each arrangement is lovingly made in studio using fresh, seasonal flowers, most of which are locally grown at flower farms. Every delivery arrives with a list of flowers included in the arrangement, so recipients will gain a bit of floral knowledge as well. 

Doris Ione,, contact for more information.


How to Host: Mother's Day

Who Doesn’t Love a Crawfish Boil?

Mother’s Day marks the twilight of crawfish season. How fortuitous that crawfish hatchlings in the fall of 2021 met with mild temperatures and grew with purpose, resulting in a hefty crop and a long season. Like the crawfish ritual but dislike the very considerable amount of work that goes into a boil? The Clesi Cater Trailer is at the ready to cater crawfish boils from 30 to 300—with the ability to cook 900 pounds at once— with traditional sides—sausage, corn, potatoes, mushrooms and garlic.

Clesi’s Seafood Restaurant & Catering, 4323 Bienville St., 504-909-0108,



How to Host: Mother's Day
Oculus Necklace, original casting with Ostrich’s eye socket in sterling silver/88 and yellow brass/78

Uncommon Jewelry

Holly Williams made her home in New Orleans after years of soul searching and world travels. With a design degree from Rutgers University, she founded Small Change Finery in 2010. She is inspired by strangely beautiful objects such as vintage carpentry tools, native species, natural materials, and found objects that she then casts or renders in brass or sterling silver. Her designs are cruelty-free and inherently unique.

Small Change Finery,



How to Host: Mother's Day

Rare Beauty

Elysian on Magazine Street carries one-of-a-kind, handmade goods including hand-painted ceramic tableware, silk table linens, and housewares originating in Turkey and Central Anatolia. Clothing and accessories include slides and sneakers made of silk and silk velvet textiles, luxury silk velvet totes in fresh patterns and designs, and robes and caftans for effortless style at home. 

Elysian by Emily Morrison, 3701 Magazine St., 504-874-2628,



How to Host: Mother's Day

When All Else Fails – Reservations

When it opened its door in late 2018, Couvant was notable for the striking design work of Stonehill Taylor that incorporated the existing architectural elements of a space that once housed the original Peychaud Bitters factory and the Daily Picayune newspaper with contemporary sensibilities. Also noteworthy was Couvant’s classic French Brasserie menu, a rarity in a city with a strong French foundational identity. These elements are firmly planted now that Couvant has reopened following a pandemic-necessitated closure. Menu highlights include Pate en Croute (Duck and pork, dried fruit mostarda and pickles), Brioche Crusted Veal (milk-fed Veal in a crisp brioche crust, crushed potatoes, king trumpet mushrooms and sauce Diable) and a show-stopping Cote de Boeuf for two (pan-roasted, dry-aged ribeye, bone marrow crusted potato gratin, roasted mushrooms and a black garlic bordelaise). There is also a private dining room.

Couvant, 315 Magazine St, 504-342-2316,



How to Host: Mother's Day

Natural Healing Forged in Friendship

Diana “Dia” Morari’s Romanian grandmother had a natural cure for everything. She taught her granddaughter to make a restorative liniment of ground comfrey root and white lily petals from her garden she would then massage into her feet, which ached from the long hours she spent each day working the orchards and gardens that nourished her family in Frumosu, Romania. That liniment became the inspiration for Madonna Lily, the gorgeous, lavishly scented line of all-natural selfcare products Dia launched with her best friend Raluka “Ralu” Giurgiutiu, out of their Midcity kitchen.  

The friends’ growing product line is diversified to address different ailments and includes natural serums, masks, oils and exfoliants for face; serums, scrubs, butters and lotion bars for body; and soaks and “teas” for bath. Each product is imbued with essential oils known for their healing, relaxing, calming, or energizing properties, and incorporates either whole or crushed dried flowers for their fragrance, texture and healing properties. Use the code NOLALOCAL for free shipping on anything in New Orleans.

Madonna Lily,