Hues for You

Choosing your perfect fall polish.

Dark and metallic nail polishes are a huge trend for fall and winter. Though you may have no problem wearing dark polish on your toes, wearing it on your hands can be intimidating. Dark hues are no longer considered gothic; they’re edgy, new and mysterious. Many wrongly think that short nails shouldn’t wear dark nail polish because it’s for those who have long nails only. Don’t sell your digits short! Dark hues actually look better on shorter nails. With dark nail polish coming in reds, noirs, purples, deep browns and, yes, shades of black and grey, how does one pick the best color of nail polish that will work with your nail length and skin tone?

For every skin tone there is a great dark nail polish; sometimes just by looking at the bottle and putting it up against your hands, you can tell if that shade will complement your nails or take away from their natural beauty Those with fair skin should look for deep hues, such as rich – but not matte – black, chocolate or purple shades.

Medium skin tones look best with shades of burgundy and berry. Look for reddish browns and colors with bronze undertones.

Dark skin tones should consider colors that offer more shimmer, such as those with blue-based undertones like shades of plum. Most deep tones will look great with your skin.

If you opt for a metallic shade, silver, gold, chrome, graphite or bronze in a sophisticated shimmer make a statement and look great with all skin tones.

The following are tips when you want to do it yourself:

Take good care of your cuticles and hands, because these colors really draw attention to those areas. Rub a cuticle cream in daily and use a good hand cream every time you wash your hands
Keep nails short and well groomed.

Go for a pretty oval shape, not too squared and not too pointy, with nails ending at the curve of your fingertips or before.

Go slowly and carefully. Dark polish should never look messy, and since deeper shades are harder to work with, mistakes can really show.

If your application veers toward the shaky side, enlist the help of someone who boasts near-surgical precision.
Dark polishes dry slower than lighter colors, so there’s a greater possibility of smudging.

Fall 2009 nail polish collections make elegant yet edgy looks, and are the perfect combination of retro and modern. So spice up your nails with the latest fall trends and enjoy it to the fullest – there’s a style for each personality!

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