Did you make your list? Did you check it twice? Make sure your wedding to-dos are wrapped up nice.

As we head toward the holidays and end of the year, we are rounding up the end of our wedding to-do checklist series. LTEC has brought you a month-by-month list of important items to remember while planning your dream wedding. Part one started couples off 10-12 months out from wedding day. Part two took couples through save-the-dates and registering, while part three had couples at dress fittings and cake tastings. Our most recent list highlighted one, two and three months out from the wedding. Now, the time is here. We are at the end of the to-do road. You are one week away from your Big Day and time is ticking. Get organized, check it twice and remember to have the best day of your life.




One Week Before


______ Double-check with your vendors. Touch base with everyone one more time to remind them where to go and to answer any last-minute questions they might have.

I Do To-Do: The Finale______ Remind friends and family of their responsibilities. Assign duties to your wedding party or other loved ones. Did you already assign certain duties? Make sure they know what they’re doing and when it is supposed to take place. Who is the contact for the photographer? Who is making sure all the guests get a favor? Writing it down and organizing it out for everyone involved will make things run smoothly and will let you relax knowing everything is taken care of.

______ Get a manicure and pedicure. This can be a great bonding experience with your bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law.

______ Put together a welcome package. If you have a lot of guests traveling for your wedding, ask the hotel if you can put a welcome basket or bag in their hotel room for when they arrive. This would also be a great task to assign out to one of your friends, family members or bridal party.



The Big Day!


I Do To-Do: The Finale______ Find a way to relax. Whether you go for a run or read a book in the morning, find a way to keep stress to a minimum.

______ Make sure you eat something. Brides always say, “I never had time to eat anything!” Give yourself some time during the reception to have a bite. It’s also easy to add in some yummy lunch or goodies while getting ready. Have a favorite café? Get a few items catered for you and your maids to munch on while primping.

______ Have fun! You’ve made it through all the planning, now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy your first day as a married couple!




A copy of the full checklist is included in each issue of New Orleans Bride Magazine.


During your planning process did you find something that should have been planned earlier in the process? Share with other brides in the comments!