This 2012 interview is the second of three memorial podcasts in honor of New Orleans’ beloved culinary ambassador, Leah Chase. In the conversation, Leah’s wonderful enthusiasm for cooking shines through as she describes the importance of making her guests feel at home.  Leah Chase passed away in New Orleans on June 1.

“Leah Chase is owner and Chef at Dooky Chase restaurant. Leah, who celebrated her 89th birthday on Jan. 6, is a beloved figure in New Orleans’ vibrant culinary culture. She has put her indelible stamp on her family’s renown Creole restaurant. In 2012, for the first time since Hurricane Katrina, Dooky Chase is open for dinner on Fridays. Leah shares her thoughts about food and her life. She explains her philosophy of life and tells us how her experiences as a youth were very different from the way young people of today grow up. If you think Leah’s first passion is food, you might be surprised to hear what Leah has to say. Many people do not know who the “Dooky” is in Dooky Chase; listen in and find out.”