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It’s never really a quiet football weekend in New Orleans but, as you know, the Saints were on a bye so the city didn’t shut down on Sunday per usual. We all went on with our lives in stunning fashion, to be honest. The weather was nice, there were beers to be had and, you know what? It was lovely in a very non-football kind of way.

But hey, now we’re back.

The Saints are heading into a rough two game stretch on the road and the LSU Tigers are coming off their biggest win ever under Coach Orgeron and Tulane’s back is already against the wall in the Case of the Missing Bowl Game(s).  I put my hand around your hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip. Let’s go.


New Orleans Saints (4-1)

Sure. I probably should’ve started off with LSU coming off of their biggest win in a few years but well, this is New Orleans, so let’s get to the Saints, shall we?

The New Orleans Saints looked dominant in their off week. They put up a shut out and no one stopped Drew Brees and company. The Saints will roll into their sixth game with the number one scoring offense with a QB that has the number one QBR, their rushing attack leads the league in touchdowns, their O-line is in the top 10 on sacks given up, their field goal unit only has one miss, their defense is number one in rushing yards per game (yeah I know their at the bottom in passing yards given up).  On top of all that Michael Thomas is the best wide receiver in the league, Alvin Kamara is the best all-around running back in the league, Mark Ingram is finally back and Drew Brees is, and I know I don’t have to tell you this, an angel that descended from the heavens above, landed in Austin, Texas, did furloughs in Indiana and San Diego before arriving to the Crescent City to become the greatest quarterback of all time.

To say the Saints have a lot going for them would be an understatement and, at this point, that first week loss seems to be from another season.

How far can they go?

If the defense keeps improving like they have been the Saints are absolute Super Bowl contenders. Sure, we have question marks and injuries in the defensive backfield and line backing corps but this is a team that is more about getting crucial stops instead of being dominant.

As I’ve told you the shift gets real in the next few weeks and the Saints will travel to Baltimore and Minnesota (revenge) over the next two.

The AFC North is never to be taken lightly but Baltimore can be beaten. Unfortunately, and we can call this a non-fun fact, Drew Brees has never beaten the Baltimore Ravens (0-4). So yeah, you’re going to hear a lot about that this week. Oddly enough, Saint Brees is undefeated versus the Saints (1-0) and Chargers (3-0).  Baltimore is always tough but they are a team that got torched for four touchdown passes in the first half by Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton earlier this year. So what do you think Brees is going to do with that? 

The tougher go will be travelling to Minnesota to take on Vikings team that is unfortunately on the upswing. Forget the game where they got stomped by the Bills, Mike Zimmer has this team playing better football as they have knocked off the Eagles and gave the Rams all they wanted in recent weeks. Plus the emotions will be high so it feels like one of those games where literally anything could happen.

Props to the city’s favorite team for bouncing back from a week one loss to a bad team in grand fashion but now the real work begins.

The Saints will take on the Ravens in Baltimore at 3:05 p.m.,Sunday. Extended couch or bar-tailgate time!


In The Hunt

LSU Tigers (6-1)

Props to Coach Orgeron. The media and fan base had his head on a platter before the season began and the coach goes out and leads the Tigers to being the only team in the NCAA with wins over three top-10 teams. Sure, two of those teams (Miami, Auburn) might end up being just so-so but that’s not the Tigers’ fault.

On the other hand, I don’t think there will be any time this year where the Georgia Bulldogs, who the Tigers absolutely dismantled with a 36-16 whipping in Death Valley, won’t be considered a top tier team.

Joe Burrow is proving to be a gem in the transfer rough leading the team to its impressive start with impressive play. Burrow is better than just a game manager and, even though he’s not blowing up the Heisman ballot box, is averaging 276 yards combined a game. Even better for the Tigers is that his stats uptick in SEC play. The guy just seems to be a leader and is not overwhelmed.

How far can they go?

It’s all going to be great until Alabama comes to town in two weeks. However, a respectable loss to Alabama is probably better than a win against most teams. Point being, Bama is nasty. After that, LSU could win out and have a heck of a year. Then, remember, you get Burrow back for another year.


And like a fine wine with a steak dinner, every game should be accompanied by a beverage and song.


Beer Pairing: Miel Brewery's "Miel" Belgian Dubbel

Playlist Recommendation: Diondre Cole – "What's Up With That?"


Around the Way

How far can the Tulane Green Wave (2-4) football team go? We’ll talk about that later. Right now, they just need a win this week at home against the SMU Mustangs (2-4). If not, the season is essentially over and all bowl talk will once again start with, “Next year…”

Tulane takes on SMU at Yulman Stadium this Saturday at 2:30 p.m.



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