How did you start Sensible Portions Meals? I had two very successful fitness facilities and a reputation for weight loss, so I launched Sensible Portions in 2014. I wanted to change lives with a fair and affordable meal preparation option.

What is the food like? It is a smart mix of clean “diet” foods with comfort “fun” foods so clients stick with the program. Simple portion-controlled meals made with fresh ingredients.

How do you measure success? The happiness of our clients is the best measure. Watching their lives blossom is so rewarding.

Where are the meals made? We have a large prep facility in Mandeville that is fully licensed, certified and insured with an A+ health rating.

Tell us about some of menu favorites? Our famous red beans and rice and perfectly portioned waffles!

Where is it available? It is available nationally via FedEx, and there are 10 pick up locations in Louisiana.

Do you cater for different dietary requirements? Yes, we have the standard low calorie single protein and double protein. Clients can also request Paleo and Double Protein Paleo (gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free). All our meals low-carb, and we don’t add salt or preservatives.

Is it expensive? No, 15 meals for five days costs $80-120.

What’s the secret to your success? After five days on the meal plan, the appetite shrinks. It is like non-invasive stomach stapling.

Tell us something we don’t know about your company? I am a single mom of three; 98 percent of our employees are women, 95 percent of them are moms and 75 percent are single moms.

Sensible Portions Meals

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