Ingrid Rinck – Thought Leader

Ingrid Rinck - Thought Leader

Ingrid Rinck - Thought Leader

Ingrid Rinck

Owner, Sensible Meals
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Leaders are born in the midst of a challenge—an unexpected hardship arise, and leaders charge ahead when others may accept defeat. Pregnant and overweight, fighting a custody battle, and surviving on food stamps, Ingrid Rinck was near rock bottom a few years ago. To make matters worse, her young son was suddenly facing a frightening diagnosis with life-changing consequences. Rinck refused to crumble at the news of the Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. Rather, she dove into diet and nutrition research, learning all she could about how to help manage her son’s diabetes. She put that information into practice for her family and lost 100 excess pounds herself while gaining a nine-figure, national business.

“I had to quit waiting around for the world to save us, and I had to figure out how to save us,” says Rinck. Already a fitness industry worker, Rinck was able to combine her previous health knowledge with new nutrition information and formulate a healthier diet for her family. This new approach formed the foundation of what Sensible Meals is today. Since founding the locally based company in 2014, Ingrid Rinck has helped grow the local economy while shrinking waistlines across the country.

Sensible Meals has been recognized by numerous organizations and publications for its results and is now the largest meal prep company in the country. The company’s fresh, affordable, and convenient meals offer a solution to the pitfalls of other diets: monotonous or bland foods, expensive ingredients, and time-consuming shopping and recipes. Instead, Sensible Meals provides desired and affordable foods, pre-prepared, portion-controlled, and shipped directly to your door. This year, the company is adding new chefs and upgrading its meals, kitchens, and vacuum sealed packaging.

Rinck’s life experiences help her to demonstrate an “attitude of gratitude,” which informs the way she gives back to the community. Passionate about helping others, especially single mothers, Rinck prioritizes expanding opportunities for women both in and out of her role as Owner and CEO of Sensible Meals. Her company’s workforce is 98 percent women with the large majority of them being single mothers. Rinck is a member of the American Heart Association Circle of Red and a corporate sponsor of the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. Last year, Rinck founded the Leading Ladies League, an organization focused on the empowerment of local women.


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