When it comes to haircare, it may seem as if women have myriad product options for different hair needs, while men are assumed to only need one or two items to satisfy their needs. 

Recently, we encountered two Dove male hair products. With our offices employing mainly women, we had to venture out to find a male head to test these new products. Insert a man, who suffers from curly, thick and dandruff hair. What typically is difficult hair, turned out to be a perfect head for the Dove Men+Care Anti-Dandruff Fortifying Shampoo.

“I didn’t have to worry about wearing a dark colored shirt,” said Sam Welty, our test subject. 

To think, a dandruff shampoo that actually does the job. Welty says that this is one of the first products that actually works to stop the dandruff, while still be sensitive to his skin.

Next in our experiment was the Dove Men + Care Invigoration Ignite Fortifying Shampoo + Conditioner – said to strengthen hair so it becomes infinitely more healthy and smooth. 

“The smell was a little off-putting at first," said Welty. "But it made my hair feel great!”

Since both of these tester shampoos were two-in-one, Welty was hesitant at first. For him, and many men, two-in-one products usually dry out his hair and never actually do the implied second step, condition.

“Both shampoos did better than expected for being two-in-ones," said Welty. "My hair wasn't dried out after use, and product worked well with my sensitive skin."

If we had to give Dove's new shampoo/conditioners a grade, it’d be an "A+." Their products actually deliver on their promises and left one head of hair dandruff-free. 

Now it’s time for more healthy and smooth heads of hair with no dandruff in sight.



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