I held out as long as I could. I didn’t want another dog. I didn’t think my heart could take it after losing my first baby, Loki, twice (once in the divorce and then for good when he died of old age).

But Georgia wanted a dog – every penny she threw in a fountain, every first star, every 11:11, she wished for one.

She finally wore us down enough to say that we would consider a dog for her birthday, but we would not be getting a puppy because I wasn’t on for dealing with the messes and the chewing and the training.

She turns 7 on Thursday. Happy birthday, Georgia. And Milo, you little curious, mischievous 6-week-old ball of fluff who was already peed and pooped on every surface in my house, welcome home.

I know how pretentious this sounds, but it was Kipling that finally made me brave enough to try again. Ruby studied his “The Power of the Dog” this semester in English, and I realized that it was time to “give [my] heart to a dog to tear.”

So we brought Milo home from Take Paws Rescue on Saturday, and already, our hearts are his.

Georgia wanted to list her favorite things about him:

  1. He is so darn cute.
  2. He has a heart-shaped mark on his head.
  3. I love to play with him.
  4. I love petting him
  5. I love watching him run.
  6. It is funny to watch him eat.
  7. Yesterday, he sat in his water bowl.
  8. He tries to eat his leash when we walk him.

Anyway, get ready for endless puppy stories and photos, and if you have any puppy training tips, please leave them below.