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Welcome to Gulf Coast Wine+Dine

There is simply nowhere like ‘our neighborhood,’ the Gulf Coast.

We have shared history, arising from waves of settlers at various times in history, as well as shared culture. The influence of our predecessors has enriched us with great art, worthy of museums the world over; great talents; and, of course, the creation of jazz, America’s true native art form.

Ours began as an agricultural society, then saw the rise of our transportation facilities – notably our ports – and the subsequently developed industries, each of which turns out goods and services to meet the demands of a new global market.

Our area’s waters have brought us pleasure, and pain, but have provided livelihoods for generations. The people of our area celebrate life with fairs and festivals in every community. We are also full participants in global tourism, drawing millions to our area while we travel out to represent the best of our region. We are America’s Gulf Coast. 

This magazine is a celebration of our passion for living life. Here we will share stories of our people and we will look into  our zest for life, as told by our diverse and unique cultures and cuisine. We will explore how our citizents, from many backgrounds, came together to develop a culture unlike any other.

The story of our cuisine tells the story of our lives. The ingredients we utilize and our styles of preparation are living histories of our roots, foreign and domestic.

Gulf Coast Wine+Dine will also feature the beverages we crave, from local favorites such as sweet iced tea, to cocktails (a genre of libation actually defined in our midst), to an appreciation for fine wines, exported and imported.

Our story is a grand one, running from the western boundaries of Louisiana clear east to Florida’s capital city, Tallahassee. It’s an interesting story of how many cultures from myriad places came together to create a culture, and lifestyle, that is uniquely and definably “Gulf Coast.”

We hope you’ll enjoy the stories. They will feature people and places you’re probably familiar with in ways that are intended to entertain and inform. And, while these are “our” stories, we invite everyone to take part. (That’s very Gulf Coast, too – hospitality and open arms.) So welcome to the neighborhood! Can I fix you a drink? 

Tim McNally
Executive Editor

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