Acadiana Profile - April-May 2017

nouvelles de villes

Allons a Lafayette! More than 300,000 visitors and some of the world’s most influential musicians from 20 countries are descending on downtown Lafayette during the 31st Festival International de Louisiane April 26-30. New to the festival this year is the…

note de l’editeur

My earliest memories of cajun culture came from a song celebrating it. The song wasn’t written by a Cajun or sung in French, and I’ve since learned it was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, but in time Cajun musicians have made…

Dynamic Details

Inspired kitchen and bath elements are showcased to stir inclinations for refreshing spring renewals

Family Style

Children of Vietnamese Immigrants Evolve Their Ancestral Cuisines to Impact Acadiana

High Water Mark

“The deluge roared like a furious bull, the winds howled like the braying of an ass. The sun had disappeared, the darkness was total.” Thus Outa-Napishtim relates the Deluge to Gilgamesh in a Sumerian text from the middle of the…

Pure Cajun

The Cajun Music Preservation Society keeps tradition alive

The Cover-Up

Lafayette artist Nicole Touchet’s nude portraits shine a spotlight on emotional duality

Top Lawyers

   METHODOLOGY Each year, Acadiana Profile publishes its Top Lawyers list, along with the stories of compelling cases fought by three of the year’s qualifying lawyers. In determining the Top Lawyers of Acadiana we use Professional Research Services, a Detroit-based…