Acadiana Profile - August-September 2016

Cool Jobs

As children, our interests, hobbies and passions define what we want to be when we grow up. Unfortunately, this often does not stay the case when building adult careers. Aspiring astronauts become accountants, inventors turn into electricians, bakers work in…

Portraits on All Fours

After failing to find her niche painting people, Breaux Bridge artist Logan Berard focused her efforts on furrier subjects — pets

note de l’editeur

In the popular 2013 “Cajun Country,” episode of the Travel Channel’s “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations,” the host and crew take part in a boucherie with Toby Rodriguez of Lâche Pas Boucherie et Cuisine. Riveted to the TV in Texas I…

In and Out of the Dog House

Amber Prejean, president and founder of Cajun Paws Rescue in Scott, dedicates her time, energy and money toward finding permanent residences for misunderstood breeds

nouvelles de villes

Lafayette Going German-Cajun We’ve had boudin served in many ways in recent years, such as the Cajun benedict with boudin and eggs in a pool of gumbo at the French Press in Lafayette, or the Orielle de Cochon (pig’s ear)…

Family Band

The Jolly Inn in Houma continues the tradition of Cajun dining and dance halls

The Incorruptible Bald Cypress

The Atchafalaya Basin is the largest wetland in the United States, covering some 1.4 million acres, or 5,700 km2. It's 20 miles wide and 150 miles long. It is known for its alligator and crawfish trade, navigable waterways and natural…

Clothiers in Their Culinary Element

Lafayette interior designer Justine Hebert renovates her parents’ new home to complement their gourmet devotions and relaxed lifestyle beyond the men’s fashion biz

The Manual

For the men of Acadiana, family is the tie that binds; hard work is paramount; the land is to be cared for and cherished; and life is to be not only appreciated, but lived to the fullest and with joy.…