Acadiana Profile - October-November 2016

Musical Gumbo

The 11th annual Blackpot Festival in Lafayette celebrates regional cooking and ’old-timey’ musical traditions with modern flair and camping

An Undaunted Spirit

Little more than a year ago, breast cancer tried (and failed) to turn the world of Carencro resident LaTonya George upside-down

(Not) for the Birds

Tommy Myers of Eunice builds extravagant birdhouses that teeter between functional and fine art

The Brotherhood of the Black Pot

In the kitchen of any self-respecting south Louisianan, one can expect to find a number of utensils among its array: a wooden spoon exclusively for making the roux, a large rice cooker and the ubiquitous Magnalite roaster; all essential tools…

Fall Festivals

Load up the car and hit the road to enjoy one of these four eclectic festivals throughout the state

Tops of Acadiana

In Acadiana, there’s no shortage of delectable food, boogie-down music, talented individuals, stylish shops, tasty brews and places for cultural enlightenment or entertaining adventures. Which makes it nearly impossible to pick and choose favorites. Perhaps we are gluttons for punishment, …

Best Chefs

Centuries after Le Grand Derangement French Acadians were forced from their homes in Nova Scotia at the hands of the British, Louisiana’s Acadians are in possession of an enviable culture that is undeniably rich in music, art, and especially gastronomy.…

Teche Toddy

When the temperatures drop, warm up with a hot toddy

Throw Down

Wrap yourself in luxurious warmth with soft and stylish throws

French Country Charm

With a love for the arts and a passion for Provence, a musically-inclined couple fashions a fashionable home in Lafayette

nouvelles de villes

Calcasieu, Vermilion, Iberia and Lafayette Cajun Nation volunteers continue Surrounded by TV cameras while surveying the damage in Zachary after the Great Flood of 2016, President Barack Obama promised a sustained national effort to rebuild the ravaged region “even after…

note de l’editeur

In August, South Louisiana was hit with one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. News of the flooding reverberated across the state and we watched in horror as the water continued to rise. Many of our neighbors lost…