Acadiana Profile - October-November 2017

seasonal shift

Welcoming autumn with soothing soups, stews, gumbos and oysters at their peak

Note from the Editor

As I’m writing this on a 75-degree day at the beginning of September, I have a strong urge to unearth boots and scarves stowed away since last year. Fighting this urge however is essential, because we all know there are…

Catch her if you can

The need for speed sprouted in Lafayette race car driver Sarah Montgomery at an early age

Nouvelles De Villes

Abbeville New Restaurant, Piano Bar, Dancing and Big Eggs Dark for 12 years, one of the oldest buildings in downtown Abbeville was recently renovated and has reopened as Midway on the Square ( featuring upscale Italian fare (recommended: crawfish cannelloni,…

happy go lucky

D.L. Menard, the ‘Cajun Hank Williams,’ lives on through his music

Wings over Acadiana

Passing through New Orleans International Airport, named for one of its most famous resident, Louis Armstrong, our visitors arriving in Acadiana are entitled to be confused by its IATA code, those three letters which designate the airports, MSY as it…

a tale of two farms

An architectural restoration in Opelousas harkens back to region’s early settlers