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New Orleans Homes January 2007

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Realm of the Senses

A chic dinner club in Vietnam, circa 1920s/’30s, was recreated by architect Lee Ledbetter. The bamboo roof structure was made by Richard Young of New Orleans Event Rental. Young also did the lighting, which was in hues of amber and reds. The tropical night had turned less so—it was thankfully October—and men in black tie […]

What’s Hot…and what’s not

HOT!Katrina cottagesCheryl Gerber photograph It’s amazing to see how much progress the city has made since Hurricane Katrina—and sad how much has not changed. We could have gone for the obvious “What’s Not Hot”—FEMA, insurance companies and the like—but we want to celebrate what’s positive in the city. However, that said, being contrarians we still […]

Lofty Ideals

Shawn O’Brien helped Aaron Shipper with the condominium’s paint and fabric colors. A large poster by Paul Colin from the 1930s of Andre Reynaud at the piano dominates one wall of the living room. Aaron Shipper is a modest man whoseexquisite taste belies his humility. His handsome Warehouse/Arts District condominium gives him away. From the […]

Join the Green Revolution

Ask a convert to sustainable living what motivates them, and theanswer can range from the pragmatic—lower utility bills, for example—tothe environmental, ethical and even spiritual aspects of eco-friendlypractices. Or it can be something simple and personal. Paintings by Allison Stewart act as a decorative barrier, while apainting of buffaloes by Campbell Hutchinson is on a […]

Divine Right

These majestic tableaux evoke the historical beauty of Carnival in New Orleans, the mystery shrouding the annual traditions, and most powerfully, the magical interiors that play host to its revelry. Let it ShineClockwise from top left: St. John Evening single-button aqua beaded jacket at Saks Fifth Avenue; gold dust globes (set of three) at Eclectic […]

The Give and Take of Glass

Mark Rosenbaum’s “Shoulder Vase.” Vibrant, iridescent color swirls in a wave-like pattern up a vase that is reminiscent of a torso, surrounded with a clear border that ends in two knobs that resemble shoulders. The fact that Mark Rosenbaum once worked as a medical illustrator shines through when you look at what could be considered […]

The Royal Touch

Keil’s Antiques is known for its variety of English and French antiques. The shops along historic Royal Street, an enchanted vision of French and Spanish architecture carefully preserved for centuries, have long captivated local antique and fine collectible enthusiasts, as well as connoisseurs from across the globe. This shopping destination has garnered quite the reputation […]

Last-Minute Carnival Cuisine

Faced with a last-minute parade party and nothing to serve? The problem is easily solved if you keep a few staples on hand. Canned beans are an important item in any pantry—I use black and white beans most often, but I also love black-eyed peas. I always stock olives, capers, roasted red peppers, pepper jelly […]

Cynthia Whittington

Earl Schneider, general manager of Interior Motives Design and Decor, says one of the main reasons he enjoys his job is because of the team atmosphere. “The people here are very easy to work with, and everyone enjoys what they do,”he says. Plus, with two registered ASID designers and seven design consultants, Interior Motives is […]

Dana & Derrick

Derrick Armand OpenedSlidell Shutter Shop in 1999, but is now working harder than ever installing various types of shutters with his staff of 12. “I used to work at Delchamps [grocery store], and when it went out of business, one thing led to another and here I am,” says Armand, who learned primarily from good […]

Savvy for the White Sale

Why are certain months the best for sales? There is sure to be some marketing guru from years ago who decided upon the strategy—but whoever it was surely started a trend. Now, according to the FrugalShopper.com, in June one might find pianos and TVs on sale, while October is a good month to buy a […]

Birthday Wishes

Urban Earth chose warm colors for the centerpiece, which included yellow and pink dahlias, yellow spray roses, eremerus, blue thistle, salmon roses, orchids, white roses and drumstick allium. The long floral arrangement was kept low so people could talk to each other without obstruction. After the party, Angie and her friends brought home the arrangements. […]

School of Design

The children’s dioramas at the school. Interior design proved to be elementary for some students at Metairie Academy for Advanced Studies. Norma Jean Watson, a language arts teacher at the Jefferson Parish magnet school, taught the basics of design to a group of third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students as part of the school’s elective program. […]


Driving down the quite uptown streets, the charming salmon-colored camelback shotgun seems like any other traditional New Orleans house. No one would guess that until recently this place was a “dilapidated and falling down,” according to interior designer Stephanie Lessans Adler, ASID, who also holds a master’s degree in architecture. It was she who saw […]

Feathering the Nest

New home accessories are most certainly not crying fowl. From pretty and classic to mod and abstract, designs that include our fine-feathered friends are gracing the chicest interiors, from lofts in the Warehouse district to Uptown parlors to a beautifully redesigned Commander’s Palace dining room.Precious PlummageClockwise from top right: Bird wrapping paper (behind window glass) […]

Perfecting Nature

John Perilloux is a self-described metal artist and “…perfectionist. I don’t want to stamp my name on something unless I feel it’s an excellent representation of my style and attention to detail,” he explains. This detailed approach is evident in his forged iron furniture and sculpture, which is usually organic in form. As a master […]

Liquid Assets

Like with Most aspects of living in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina has affected the city’s silver market. The need has emerged post-K to restore silver pieces damaged during the cataclysmic storm and its ruinous aftermath. Silver has maintained its popularity through the years and there’s something for everyone: a plain, austere look.And right now, repair […]

A Light Touch

After the more formal ritual of the holidays, I always like to start the new year with a festive night of spicy Vietnamese-inspired food and some unfussy decorating. I love paper lanterns and on a recent trip to New York City I couldn’t resist a mad dash into the new Pearl River emporium in Soho. […]

Mike & Sandy Kasten

Sandy Kasten has always been a lover of art. After obtaining degrees in art and art history, it was a natural transgression to open up her own gallery. Teri Galleries, located in Metairie, has come a long way since it began in Kasten’s living room 30 years ago as a small collection of original paintings […]

Nancy Robbins

Nancy Robbins has always been interested in interiors—“I’ve been doing this since I was a young girl. I decorated my own room,” she says. And years of experience have certainly enhanced her artistic gift. With more than 30 years of decorating homes and other interiors, Robbins says that many of the interiors she designs have a […]

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