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New Orleans Homes January 2008

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The heart of the matter

While it may not yet be spring, love blooms in February with the observance of Valentine’s Day. But why February 14 for this beloved day? For that, one has to turn to the ancient Romans and the early Catholic Church’s need to integrate pagan rites into its canon.But let’s start with the man who inspired […]

Green aid

It’s easy to “go green”: to purchase and use items that are practical and functional for the home. For furniture, plants, artwork and what you make for dinner—there are plenty of eco-friendly and environmentally aware agencies and services available in this city, and more sprout up each year, making it easier for New Orleaniansto support […]

Knowing your green

You have no doubt been reading or hearing about the new “green” or “eco-friendly” revolution going on in the world—especially concerning homes and how they affect the environment. However, with any new genre, there begets new terminology. What exactly does LEED mean? Or “cradle-to-cradle”? To help solve your dilemma, we’ve come up with a handy […]

Deconstruction, deconstructed

Who can say what the walls of a certain home on Clio Street witnessed? Births? First kisses? Family drama? Laughter? Deaths? Those walls have come down. The house, a victim of economic malaise and natural disaster, was too far-gone to be saved. But portions of the walls will live on nonetheless to witness the lives […]

The house that green built

They say a man’s home is his castle, but for architect Steven Bingler, it’s morelike his masterpiece. As founder and president of Concordia Architecture and Planning, Binglerand his work have been featured in Architectural Digest, Newsweek and The NewYork Times to name a few. Local projects of note include the Aquarium of the Americas and […]

Something to talk about

There’s a somewhat age-biased saying that youth is wasted on the young, but from a design standpoint, such a statement rarely holds true. Most kids are open to possibility, willing to experiment, fond of color, playful, energetic and unique, all traits that combine to positive effect when creating spaces that reflect who we are. Each […]

On vacation at home

The road from LaPlace, La., to Covington, La., is literally 57 miles long, a drive that should take about an hour. But for Cissy and Jack Carville, the journey from a traditional bedroom community in LaPlace to their newly built, contemporary home overlooking the Bogue Falaya River in Covington, took 30 years. “We came to […]

Pleasure Points

Pillow talk can be both romantic and fashionable this Valentine’s Day with the abundance of sumptuous, ornamental cushions and throw pillows that are available at our local New Orleans boutiques. Go modern with a graphic Hable print from Bellanoche, indulge in formality with a silk bolster made by Bella Prezza, or personalize it with a classic monogram […]

Pulling petals from metals

The early inspiration of New Orleans metal artist David Rockhold is a sort of classic example of necessity sparking creativity. His artistic journey began at age 24 when, fresh from a broken romance, he looked around his barren apartment and came to a sobering realization: “I needed a coffee table.” His mind flashed on the […]

Made in the shade

Edith Stern had such a penchant for lamps and shades that she changed them seasonally throughout her home. The home—now a museum, Longue Vue House and Gardens—is archetypal of the way the stylish, yet conservative affluent decorated their homes during the 1930s and ’40s. Mrs. Stern, the wife of businessman Edgar Stern, even had a […]

Taking a steak

In an effort to slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life, I have started going to the grocery store once a week. While this may seem like a non sequitur, it was really a challenge for me to make a list that included three meats and more vegetables, fruits and beans. I would […]

Retail Spotlight: Rachel Jones & Katie Peralta

Triton Stone Group of New Orleans opened its doors to the public in July 2006.  Family owned and operated, Triton Stone Group is co-managed by Rachel Jones and Katie Peralta. The store offers 300 colors of natural stone in the warehouse, which can be used for “anything such as kitchens, baths, and other places,” says […]

Retailer Spotlight: Philip Cerminaro

Industrial Products Limited, owned by Philip Cerminaro and William Powe, began in Ohio in 1996—Cerminaro started the business upon graduating from college. After getting engaged, he moved to New Orleans where he also opened the Stairway Shop, a new division of Industrial Products. Industrial Products sells ladders, scaffolding, tool boxes, safety and marine supplies, while […]

Style: Eco-friendly products

Sunny-Side Out For the style and ecologically conscious, Noon Solar has created a fabulous tote to keep you charged and on the go. Constructed of 100-percent hand-dyed hemp and chrome-free leather, the Oakland tote features a solar panel on one side that allows you to charge a cell phone, iPod, or PDA just by setting […]

Editor’s Note

A few months ago, a portion of my Editor’s Note included me thanking all of my sources and co-workers for their help producing this magazine. Little did I know that I was getting ahead of myself. This is my last issue as editor for New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, as well as St. Charles Avenue […]

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