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New Orleans Homes January 2009

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King Me

One of the nice things about living in New Orleans is that there isn’t really a post-holiday letdown. We move seamlessly from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s to Twelfth Night to Mardi Gras to Easter. It’s hard to be sad about packing up the Christmas ornaments when there’s King Cake to be eaten! King […]

Beautiful Bedrooms

Leontine Linens3806 Magazine St. • 504.899.7833 • www.leontinelinens.com.Leontine creates custom bedding, made to order in the colors, fabrics and styles of your choosing. Blanket covers, shams, bed skirts, sheet sets, quilts – even cashmere throws – all made to order. Visit the showroom to see just how easy it is. California Closets3211 North Causeway Blvd. […]

The Ultimate New Orleans Resource Directory

New Year’s resolutions are about self-improvement, and your home is merely an extension of yourself. Whether you’re resolved to (finally) install new countertops, hang up some bright new curtains or finish the paint job in the guest bedroom, make sure to support these fabulous local businesses. Note: Although our goal is to make this resource […]

Media Frenzy

Corner PocketBy Nicole Wroten When Bruce and Ellie Wainer decided they wanted to build a house in Old Metairie, they knew they wanted much more than a great home: They wanted a smart home. The Wainers teamed up with Leo Golubitsky, owner of SMILE Inc., to create a full-house technological system to control everything throughout […]

After All These Years

The year was 1958. The post-World War II baby boom was turning out a generation that would eventually be more than 78 million strong. Nikita Khrushchev became premier of the Soviet Union. Explorer 1, the first successful American satellite, was launched into orbit. The peace sign was designed. Elvis Presley was inducted into the U.S. […]

Color Me Cheerful

In many parts of the country, January is a bleak affair, a time when all that is green and colorful has well and truly disappeared and won’t be returning until May at the earliest. Luckily, we all live in Louisiana, where the flower gods are kind enough to send us the camellia to sustain us […]

Family Guy

Larry and Gwen McHenry, owners of Unique Woodworks, have been married for40 years and have built their business on a foundation of family, craftsmanship and community. Producing mostly cypress lawn furniture such as swings, gliders, chairs and picnic tables, Unique Woodworks has been a McHenry family affair since the shop opened in 1992. The McHenry […]

Striking a Bargain

As of this writing, the stock market is in a swan dive and most of us are referring to our retirement accounts as our “201(k)s.”  The U.S. economy is shaky at best, and the rest of the world is using the “R word” — “recession” —in casual conversations. It’s belt-tightening time on Planet Earth. And […]

The Nitty-Gritty

When actor Joe Pesci played Vinny Gambini in the 1992 hit film My Cousin Vinny, he put grits on the map –– at least for those residing above the Mason-Dixon line. At a roadside diner in rural Alabama, Gambini, a rough and tough New York attorney on his first visit down South, tells the line […]


A Twist on Tradition (above)Seeking inspiration from the rich heritage of South Louisiana’s architecture and decorative elements, artist Benjamin Burts creates pieces that are edgy yet complement even the most refined and elegant interiors. His large silver-glazed ceramic bowl with gold ceramic rope rim and handles makes the perfect place to display found objects, but […]

Retailer Spotlight: [Chad Vinturella]

With two premier showrooms –– in Metairie and Mandeville –– showcasing the latest and the greatest in the industry, Southland Plumbing Supply specializes in kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures for clients. Their services are tailored to a variety of budgets; the business also takes care of commercial as well as residential spaces. Mona Vinturella, a […]

Retailer Spotlight: [George S. Hewitt]

G.S Hewitt LLC, owned by George Hewitt and Sue St. Amant, takes care of bathroom and kitchen design from start to finish. “Our business loves to make things beautiful, and we’re always on the lookout for the newest and best items,” says Hewitt. “We are always researching the latest technology to give our clients the […]

Editor’s Note

We all know it so well that it hardly bears repeating, but January is a time for resolutions and fresh starts, a time to lose those last 5 pounds or start jogging or switch to decaf.  I’ve made every single one of those resolutions over the years –– and plenty of other ones, too –– […]

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